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  • haha.. sebelumny perna main di forum indo mana aja bro ?
    iya sih, kalo gw sih dah nunggu2 ne forum buka dah lama..
    i think they've vomited but not in front of you right? ^^
    That's dialect xD
    Ohh, you're from Indo too ^^
    Are you living in Indo now? :o
    Looked like, but the fact is i can't pronounce words properly.

    Shiny! & i always touched my teacher's head when it shines xD
    umm.. 11th grade is >_>?

    I was talking about Wii the whole time!
    Yeah, i wasted my money that time ._.
    That's why wikipedia/gamefaqs saved us :D
    Or some fighting games and you watch the pros playing ^^
    No.. i was pulling my hair at that time LOL

    Huh what?! What what....
    Well in my experience most people from the staff are, just your daily normal people.
    Except for mmm.. our extreme cases.. lol
    But you told me your kitty is a 3 in 1 color combination!
    Did you lie to me again? ):
    China? Where is China?
    Nope, i'm from SG ^^
    But my Chinese & English aren't that good ..

    I meant a hole as in, you know ... some old geezer always drops a lot of hair causing the middle of their head to be empty xD
    Ohhh! You're in uni? >_>

    o_o not a typo ..
    Oh 89%! I bought the guidebook .. LOL
    Yeah, you right but sometimes we don't have a choice D:
    Imagine a difficult version of that flash game x 5
    Annoyingggggggggg to the max.

    Oh yeah, don't worry bout it.
    I'm used to it already ^^
    & What is the furball shines? ^^
    Likes Foiled Cards (Hologram cards) , which can add on to your collection :D
    Yeah, i think that's Hokkien.

    So he has a hole on the middle of his head? XD
    Wow, those teachers are nasty..

    Nono, the game console - Nintendo Wii
    >_> you'll get back 99% after a lil spamming!
    True! But i got fed-up with the game and start looking at youtube ._.
    Zelda games are super annoying -.- ...
    Nope, you get thrown back to the entrance of the cave or the the previous door that you just opened.
    Yeah! & it's really terrible there >_>
    Rainbow kitty is awesome! Would love to see that too ^^
    Isn't that hokkien? :x

    Wow, i bet your teacher has a shiny forehead!
    Didn't you appeal? :o

    That's why we always try till we can't win & start using hacks xD
    KH2? O_O , i've 100% on everything for KH2 LOL
    Or maybe go to youtube if you don't understand the walkthrough ^^
    Like Link - Wii
    I spend hell lots of hours on one dungeon ._.
    That sucks >_>
    I knew there was someone watching

    I always had this feeling when i was posting there ~nyu
    LOL, i'm sure some company got sued cause of that reason xD
    They sprayed the kitty with a spray can! ):
    Serious?!? >_>

    Teachers have awesome eyes & ears, idk how...
    Hmm.. then why did you chose arts?

    Yeah! You're so right about that.
    & you get bored easily after a few days of hacking ._.
    I cheated in a lot of games, like MHU, Star Wars, MGS ^^
    I just look for cheats when i can't win that particular boss, LOL.

    Don't worry bout it (:
    *Bangs wall* xD
    That's because abuses of animal in anime is against the law! (i think) & yeah they're really cute!
    There is a pink one! Google it xD
    Wait! You mean they combine together into black-brown-white?!

    Ohhh, arts! Yeah, they have to be really precise about it.
    So you're good at drawing i assume? ^^

    Hearing you just only cheating in pokemon makes me a loser >_>
    I've cheated in lots of games xD

    I'll quote from there:

    Me: "Hello everyone! New here (:
    >_> what else to type.."

    You: Hello, Nemuru! Welcome to SH!
    Make sure you read the rules first before you post!
    Then, bang your head to the wall have fun! ^^"

    I cant do the strikethrough xD
    >_> You meanie, but i don't mind ^^
    But... but, don't you think that they're very pitiful when being abused? ):
    Cats just come and go huh >_> ... oo, lemme guess .
    White, brown and pink?(LOL)
    You're petting the brown one? ^^

    Ohhh >< , is the subject difficult to comprehend?
    Don't cheat! Cheating is like using hack in a game xD
    Yeah! & you asked me to bang the wall ):
    Yeah! Anime abuse! >_>
    Adult cats! Then did it give birth to new kitties? ^^

    Ohhh... don't lose faith! Have confidence in your scores! :\
    No wonder xD ... I have the same user over there too ^^
    So do you think, 'clipping the kitty's ears on a bamboo stick while the kitty is wet' is a bad thing? XD
    Do you have cats at home? ^^

    Ohhhh, why is that so? :o
    Oh yeah, btw are you Croix in SH? :D
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