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  • Yeah, I'm curious as well, but will see later~

    Thanks, still got some stuff to take care of, but will sleep soon~
    I'll have it confirmed with the others and inform you later. Currently I'm like really tired lol

    Not sure, it was just a guess since I've been using a spare comp, and browsing with no histories etc saved. I always have it like that too, so I just thought it would be the case.

    As for the SB, I think it's just your connection or something; maybe you don't have java script or AJAX enabled or something - at least I get that kind of "loading..." display when my connection's being slow as well.
    Hmm, I think I got what you mean.

    About the login issue, after logging in, you get a message like "Redirecting - thanks for logging in" right? And I suppose after getting redirected you see a display with a message like "Welcome, Unregistered" and the options to log in and register, instead of "Welcome, Battlecat"? I'm not really sure what's with this, but do you have cache and cookies enabled on your browser? Alternatively, this is just a blind guessing, but packet data loss caused by a slow connection might also be the cause. Either way, I'm pretty sure it should be normal once you switch to another page or refresh the page you're currently in, right?

    As for the SB, did you see a message like "Error: invalid response from the server."? It's admittedly a bit laggy, but perhaps it's your connection? Cause it doesn't seem like there's anything wrong in the settings nor permissions.
    Yeah, there are other SH members here too, I'm aware of that, but let them be :P

    At least I tell those I know to just keep things being talked here stay here lol
    Yup, which is why I asked to be put on temporary retirement on SH as well.

    btw, what we talk here should stay here :P

    Sure, thanks ^^
    I see, kinda same with me.

    Currently using mom's laptop, though she uses it for work thus I can only use it during certain times :/
    I see, on holidays? No work or uni?

    Well, my stuff died - internet line, router, screen, system, and now network adapter. Still need time to fix it >_>
    A little, but not _that_ busy; just that I've been having problems with computers and internet connection ^^;

    Well, good luck on that~

    How have you been anyway?
    Yeah, though I still can't be on anytime I want~

    I currently am unable to download big stuff especially VNs, so I can't join in the beta testing. Are you going to join in?
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