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  • aaww.. thank you. ^^ that vid was actually two years ago. :S so, it's not that updated. :\

    oh, I also don't know the girl in my profile pic... I just randomly search for pink-haired anime girls. hahahaha. xD
    i'm not good at gfx i sux at them i'm more of a programming kind of guy. i just do that to kill time but sure i have some free time. dnt really care if i win or lose i just want to be promoted and thats benificial for me

    set the rules/time/and date for me since i do have real life work
    and yes i'm up for it. (^.^) ,,!,,

    Oh I haven't told you I'm a young executive for a corporation

    No... I work full time, I study full time, and nurse the forum and the entire staff of the Anime-Sharing

    I have to cook myself (I don't like eating out at all, unlike many boys), clean up the house and do all sort of chores too (I live alone by myself)
    Like Checkmate has said below:
    Simply the best site and scan provider imo.

    Otherwise, game CGs.
    Can be summarized like this: is the largest free HQ scans provider of the world, and the ONLY site that provide 110% FREE HQ scans in this very small world.

    You don't want to know the bandwidth I blew on it (100TB/month no less) and the cost to run the site

    Here is an example if you're into miko

    I don't want to have a challenging life, I prefer peaceful, easy life. But such thing never apply to me
    I don't have time to watch myself, I have other business matters to take care to >.<
    queued on the list should be: server jump
    some contracts
    some exams
    some assignments
    [anime goes here]
    [eroge goes here]
    [video games goes here]
    learn Japanese
    [the list goes on endlessly]
    I'm more of the designer of the entire system. Founder.

    Nah, I'm punishing Ignis >.< in terms of creating him more works and works.

    Actually no, I don't know the criteria, it's Ignis that decide whether or not one could get into the Alliance or not. One thing I can tell you is that currently he's looking for female members. Male application seem to be rejected at this time
    Well you can put it that way, but it was due to me and my busy nature, I couldn't assign the head of the Alliance until Ignis came, he get the title since he's the most perverted person around.

    My responsibility here probably keep the Alliance running and who's in charge. How it runs and the bits inside is Ignis's but the he was afk the past 3 months and push all the work to me. I'm punishing him now
    Checkmate Alliance (it has nothing to do with my ID Checkmate btw) is a group that founded in late 2009, with Ignis is the head of the group. I'm a member

    The purpose of this is to pool our resources together to make this forums and everything else you guys are enjoying.

    There's around a dozen members in the group, and they are all work hard to get eroge, anime, ost releases out in a timely manner.
    The activity list is only update 15 minutes once, thus, may be they were clicking to to index so they can visit other forums or simply chat on the shoutbox

    No, it's not cheating, you make something else, an improved version of their work, can't be considered cheating. This is the copyright case where someone make someone else songs better and get framed in the copyright infringement and get sued for a few coins but hammered human's development. If the patent program were available at the time that when all the famous scientist like Newton, it would take us another 1000 years to reach to where we are right now ROFL LMAO, due to nobody would bother developing anything without risking being sued.

    This is where patent is rotten and copyright infringement is being abused
    gircelly is one of the main founders of the site. ;] a very huge contributor in the alliance and.. he's not a girl. xD
    If you mean by hobbies or what I do occasionally - Hang out with friends / Play sports + creating my own "things" ie visual novels or rpgs :)
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