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  • Hi, can I have the password for the Christmas 2010 PSD Pack?

    Thanks in advance.
    RPGs what kind of RPGs 2D or 3D

    and also which sport coz I am all into Foot ball and Basket ball ;)
    ahh nvm mind about that >.> (found the answer my self lol)

    so what do you do other then GFX I mean there must be other things that you like rite
    Hey SoSo(if you don't mind me calling that)
    I still have probs with C4D I mean that site was very useful (I even checked the PSD tuts ;) )
    but the thing is I have no clue in makin an abstract any ideas?
    Absolutely. Having exams around Christmas and New Year's Eve would suck. Hey, except for finals, I don't even get any day off after exams >_>
    Yuppppp~ and there are just always too many distractions, right? xD
    Wow, how did he do it? Did he lecture you or something; saying stuff like you should study as a student etc?

    Oh, I see. 30 per class? lol, here a class can have like up to 70 on certain lectures. TV shows here suck though :/ I wish they would broadcast the likes of House or How I Met Your Mother here.
    Too bad; I'd enjoy at least the very last day before exams :P Well try not to resort to cramming~

    Wait - I didn't get to meet him o_o Only for those invited, like people of the senate, committee, and maybe some 'special' students.

    Ah okay lol. btw, I gave you access to staff section, since you're an Alliance member and all. Also, we'll certainly need your ideas.

    It's 1000 characters btw, not 1000 words :P
    Yeah, it's a bit faster than most other unis here, but at least we'll usually be already free by the new year.
    Thanks, I will~ Hey, they are needed to relieve stress!
    lol, you couldn't rely on yourself to refrain from using the computer? That's why I keep using mine even when approaching exams, else I'd be stressed and bored >_>

    Teachers strike? What are they wanting/protesting for? lol we're the same in terms of not really following the news :P Well, at least you got one day off, ne~
    I see, well how about enjoying the last days before exams without studying at all? xD At any rate, good luck on them~
    He came over to my uni, and only gave a speech for like 5 or 10 minutes ~_~

    Sure, changed to SolistraSora, or perhaps you wish the +dd. or +cs. or +br or anything?
    Well, I always have my midterms around the third week of October, and finals around December.
    *pats* I can relate, it happened often to me >_>
    Ohhh that's quite an achievement especially if you were me :P Are all the exams or whatever done btw?
    Nice, two days off eh~ Though btw, Obama coming here also made me get two days off - yesterday and today =D
    I am now ^^ Thanks~
    Exams? Haha, I just had my midterm exams last week, and they weren't as easy as I expected :s
    Getting distracted is usual - somewhat even stuff you wouldn't normally touch like old games can be very appealing during the times you're supposed to study xD
    Hey Riven. ^^

    Some of the spam threads already got more than a page, so your replies in Word Association and Chain Story don't really make sense. ;)

    Cheers and see you around,
    That reminds me of exy's name on NM; with stuff like ~ : and spaces between the letters lol

    Longest time of internet suspension I ever had was like close to one month I think >_> This time was less bad for I had NDS games to play :P

    Ahh, found out the problem... apparently regular users weren't permitted to use
    You just like symbols to decorate your name no? :P

    Cool, thanks ^^ Yeah, I hope so too. I'm inseparable from the internet, so there has to be a reason for my sudden my disappearance, lol.

    Hmm, as I thought, here's how your signature field looks:

    Should be fixed now I think~
    EDIT: Strange, it's still buggy >_> Lemme take a more thorough look...
    lol, I assume you used a . so that your name could be on top of the list right?

    Oh btw, I can already go online, although I currently am using a spare comp and therefore have yet to go back on full-force. For this reason, I'm still staying away from MSN, SH, and sites other than AS-related ones, so please don't alert them yet :P

    As for your sig, either turn off your WYSIWYG through settings -> general settings first; or just use the built-in image insert button lol.
    So... how many nicknames do you have in record now?

    Oh, also, don't you think you messed up your signature? lol
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