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  • Lol, they are making use of the photoshop for sure and using the .gif format. Sadly I have no knowledge of those stuff ._. Want to learn but it's so hard T_T
    Mmm I'm not really sure of that cuz it's a free picture I got from forums lool so I have no idea whether it's true color or not :/

    Can you make the real lpw 7.77 since you won it.
    < Reading comprehension fail. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    I had been there, they are still very amateur, but I was put off by the huge amount of Narutards that almost 90% of forum activity.

    I'm not an ordinary Vietnamese I know :p, lots of people in Vietnam know about me as Checkmate but they never realize I came from the same country. So is Girlcelly, if you ever download eroge from him. We are friend.

    We share the same vision, and we never participate in any local communities :p
    I see, I haven't seen anyone here actually watch Da Capo II haha, it's a god damn EPIC anime that brought me to the anime.

    Naruto, Bleach, OnePiece are very popular here, to the point when it is about anime, it is about them. Those series are banned here though :p
    @jinrei: Kouhais are your under-classmen. Which means your juniors in school, etc.
    Edited: accepted your friend request already ^^
    < Tháng sau 24 :p

    [some] < seriously speaking, I'm not good at Vietnamese >.< writing even worse
    Ở đây luôn, cũng lâu rồi, sau đó anh đi du học, rồi đi đi về về thôi :p
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