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  • Well, not quite sure if we accept them at all.
    For now put it under Miscellaneous, I'll speak with the others and we'll see about creating a new forum/rule on them.
    In your stay here and any other place I've seen you this were always the statements you made. What has that to do with knowing each other intimately?
    I still don't get what the big deal is, since people get their stuff one way or another and you always said that's the only thing you care about, but whatever.
    All other posts restored.
    Okay, removed all the posts about the dying links.
    Why don't you want people to know that yours were dead, by the way? Makes little sense for your stated purpose of helping people if they can't know that you fix things for them. :confused:
    Go make them then xD
    I can relate; cause screenshots aren't something you can find through googling or even taking someone else's, so yeah.
    Well, there's nothing much to edit in thread title, right? (if for example you forgot some bits like BD you could always contact a mod or admin)
    Indeed, it's a bitch :3
    How though? There's a reason I left the ongoing anime uploads here to corocoro, btw ;p

    And just fyi I can't upload big stuff for the time being
    We had some problems with people posting a lot of substandard posts and never responding to messages, so we added in some basic requirements (7 days registered/30 posts). Since you have already shown that you can follow the guidelines I manually promoted you now.
    Seeing the VMs from corocoro I presume it's been answered? :o
    Anyway, I hardly knew anything going on during my MIA period; so better ask him about it :P
    I was assuming you meant a week at most, not over a month. :D
    Either way, threads restored and as long as you fix them until Monday - no harm done. ;)
    Well, after you didn't fix the problem for several weeks we didn't have much of a choice.
    I restored them now, but please fix the issues pointed out in the earlier PMs until Monday.
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