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  • Is it too late to join in on your RP game in the writing section? I would like to join if it is still active and can post my character as soon as you reply. :) thanks!
    i want to know if i can post/create the history of the last war in auldrant~ i will base it on your description but i might add some modification~
    I think and yes I am correct I asked for the profile pic :D
    the girl with the peace sign and the heart and all :D
    please can you give me the link many thanks in advance
    okay I need to get that profile picture of your <3
    can you sent me a direct link to it (Im gona render it :D)
    xaltis, can we put monsters on it? i mean, names for the beasts that we're fighting on the rpg. it would be great to give names for them~

    btw, i love your new profile pic and avatar, from pichi pichi pitch, right?

    hey yeah don't remove my character from your RPG k
    coz I will be able to post okay thanks *bows*
    I have all your sensitive information...
    So fear me.

    Nah jk lol.
    I googled your name and found your Photobucket album.
    Did you not click the link I put there? lol
    What client do you use to play? Perhaps we can have a match sometime, I haven't battled anyone for months though.
    Hey Xaltis, I updated my list of things in the introduction, so would you mind updating the first page :D?
    Hey Xaltis. Just wanted to say - keep an eye out of godmoding abilities and such in the characters' introduction kay? Cause having godmoders would be annoying, but stopping them with force might be harsh ^^
    I updated my character info. I haven't seen the list in the first post, so I wasn't really sure what I had to fill in about my character.
    think of a number of members that should join initially like 10-20 would be enough atm I think
    then start the game after that amount of peeps haz joined
    lol I am sorry but I am not good with coming up with names so I guess we will go with my nick name here an later I will come up with another :)
    yeah I am a MAN
    nah don't worry about minor stuff, as long as you've learned something is what really matters :)

    the list is great, it helps make the role playing smooth, without duplicate entries, let's keep it up!
    Goodluck with your search. I'm sure you can find one.^^ Try google.. It has better results than other sites IMO.
    hey gamemaster~ haha
    do check my character for your rpg. if theres any prob, feel free to tell me.
    feel free to add me too ^>^
    Okay. :]

    Hmmm... Yup, the pix I posted are my character in the rpg. I kinda did my "homework" and searched for an appropriate anime... and that's how I got those. ^^

    just key in the terms and i'm sure you'll find a perfect one that will match your description. ;]
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