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    Thank you for including me with your friends. :nyanmusu_bow:
    Happy new year, xyzapy!!!
    And a healthy and peaceful year for you and your family!!!
    Oh! Thank you! But you can not possibly show me the pre-release version, where can I contact you then, okay?
    Chara.: Katsuie, Bacground: Between dark blue and black color~ and with the blazon of Oda, and my name in silver writing pleas.

    Is good this data?
    Thank you for accepting.

    Hope to get along with you even further~

    The ice-cream was sweet, smooth, and had refined textures... I feel very happy~ ^^

    Until then, please take care~ Bye-bye~
    Hello to you~

    Is it all right to be friends?... Something sweet?

    Theres 2 thing about your character info that aren't answered as of now. Look at the very first post in the "Show Hide" button and look at how everyone else is listed and whats missing from yours. Just edit your post in the RPG thread and i'll update your character.
    Guessing they don't want to give up Saber when she is one of the most selling anime figure at the moment XD Funny how Fate/Stay Night is nearly 8 years old and you still see Saber as one of the figure that represents anime xD Much like Evangelion and Doraemon. Anyway, thanks for letting me know, I'll keep a close watch on it.
    I did heard about it, but unfortunately I'm not too into LN, unless they're making an anime version of it?
    Welcome to AS mate, enjoy your stay and don't forget to introduce yourself in the Introduction section of the forum :D
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