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  • Strawberry cheesecake... had it before i think~ Was pretty nice though i didnt really taste the strawberry...
    Well my cravings are few and far between... havent really had a craving for quite a long while... unless drinks while im thirsty counts xD

    Well im quite good at just sitting around for long amounts of time without doing much except focusing on my work... as for how focused i am... that differs depending on the situation...

    Shes after popularity looks whatever... i just dont really care for any of that xD

    Hmm she isnt really big but shes taller than me... im short anyhow... wants to get a little bigger... two inches would be nice...

    Lol well if people recommend then shouldnt be too bad~ I do suppose anime may get repetitive after a really long time but still new to me~
    The movie for airbender was horrible or so i heard but the cartoon received quite a bit of praise~
    Well i got through anohana and teary eyes a couple times xD Didnt really cry... sorta lol... maybe once... xD

    Sometimes copy cats can make a story just as good as the original~ Everything is a based off of life experiences anyhow so it just depends who creates the copy~

    Oh... why did she? >.<
    lol. XD She's not that weird though. xd Only in regards to this situation. xd

    Alright then. '-'

    Oh damn, that sucks. :/ Ok then. ;-;
    I see. <_<
    Yeah...well she kinda broke up with me but we're still dating. She was in another relationship before dating me and she thinks she's still not ready to have another boyfriend after all. >_> Yet we're still going out but much less than before. >_>
    Women are certainly weird. xd

    But there's still blue in it. D: It's like 50/50 u.u
    Hmm cake... what kind?
    I dont really crave anything actually...

    Hmm yes i get decent grades but i dont feel that the work is worth it xD The class is twice as long with up to 5x the amount of homework for the same credit x.x

    Hmm i guess she is~ Shes after "cool" stuff =.= If it doesnt seem "cool" to her then she wouldnt be bothering with it :/

    Lol i wouldnt be hugging my youngest cousin cuz shes bigger than meh xD Almost the tallest in the family and the youngest~ Oh the irony~

    Yeah but theres so much other anime ans stuff which people label as must watch @_@
    Hmm well i would say avatar is worth a watch at least~ Nothing that was particularly bad aboout it xD
    I dont have tissues around... I guess ill go dig around outside~

    Yes quite a rare character~ Wont be seeing someone similar in a really long time~ and even if there is... they would just be labeled as a copy cat...
    Hmm i dont really like or dislike sweets xD

    Art classes are a major pain x.x Im a really slow artist so that just means hours of work a day if i want to make the piece up to my standards...

    Ehh she like korean drama and whatever xD I dont think shes an otaku more than just watching everything that there is..

    Lol plump xD Is he one of those small chubby kids who still has some baby fat?

    I havent seen durarara except for part of an episode... but it looked quite nice... sorta...
    Hmm could always just watch a couple episodes before giving up on it~ They say the third season is the best of the airbender series though so idk xD Your call~
    Ehh havent cried yet... maybe im just not at those parts yet lol~ I expect to cry at some point though~

    Lol shes everyone's favorite in mirai nikki xD Her craziness just makes it more fun~
    Hmm i dont like stuff thats too sweet xD Coffee... i like adding quite a bit of sugar but not too much~

    I stop for the weeks before midterms and stuff... Art classes also include tons of work >.<

    Its mostly just during dinner~ She takes the laptop and runs off to her room after... The computer is currently somewhat... dead xD

    So its just that youre the easiest one to drag over~ besides your brother~

    Hmm yes... i dont like horror anything...

    The couple in baccano are mind screwing @_@ Avatar was decent~ Didnt watch the newest bunch yet but the older one was nice... ending felt slightly forced but only to a minor degree~
    Currently on ep 7 of anohana~

    Lol yuno xD Lots of ways to creep people out with yuno~
    Lol i guess youre fine though thats quite unhealthy xD Hmm yes manga can be quite helpful for me too~

    Hmm i dont get to watch much when school starts cuz of everything that happens... so summer is the time to watch tons xD

    Lol my sis just puts whatever shes watching on her laptop on the tv so its not even tv for me anymore~

    Hmm maybe you showed interest in the show before? Or he wants someone to watch with him~

    I dont think its as creepy~ I didnt really finish it though... I read manga online usually~ Havent poked that manga online yet though...

    I watched baccano after avatar and currently watching anohana~

    Its lacking? Hmm... i guess ill see why when i read it myself... the manga ending was actually quite good xD Yuno... the trademark for yandere or so it seems... xD
    Hmm sugar doesnt last too long xD I just do random stuff to keep myself entertained/awake during all nighters... never needed coffee before though coffee during all nighters probably wouldnt get you addicted unless you pull it every night... that might actually get quite horrible...

    Ehh ive been watching 1-11 ep per day... sometimes it not overheating making it impossible to watch =.=

    Lol the times i watch stuff on tv is during dinner~ I can probably just find any anime i want online so why wake early in the morning for an episode xD

    Hmm that show is pretty funny xD Entertaining enough to watch if there isnt any anime~

    Blahs i poked through the manga for the ring and have an idea of the story... :x I read some of the manga for natsume as well~

    Well yeah but they also know what i prefer so might try to work with that too xD

    Yeah i watched madoka and read the manga for mirai nikki~ Might watch the anime for that too~
    Oh alright then. .-.

    BL = Boy's love? As in Yaoi? She reads anything really doesnt matter if its yuri/yaoi/w/e as long as she likes the story. She doesn't like "extreme" Fujoshis though since they tend to always couple the guys for no reason just for the sake of doing that for their yaoi needs. ._.

    How so? Gwendolyn has a lot of blue. >_>
    Well idk :/ Do you use it to wake up in the morning or just drink it cuz it tastes good? xD I just drink it whenever cuz moocha is good~

    It seems to randomly work better or worse... for now there doesnt seem to be much problems~

    Hmm i barely touch the tv now so i wont know if its even showing anymore xD

    Disney channel... that thing... i dislike most of the shows to some extent... there are some that are just comedy though :/

    Ring? That horror thing? o.o and natsume... that has a giant... or well small at times cat right? xD

    Hmm well i do favor certain types but yeah i sort of just watch whatever is recommended~
    Stalkerception? .-.

    A lot of VNs? Nah, she only playes them from time to time. She does watch a lot of anime though. (and reads mangas).

    Good. Me too. :3
    Caffeine is a drug so if someone drinks it repeatedly every day then they will eventually get addicted xD

    Mehs my laptop just seems to overheat fast these days...

    Yeah i just watch anything that was on~ Which usually was the early morning stuff like dbz and sailor moon~ There was others but i dont really remember... xD

    Lol i watched tangled~ The princesses are somewhat aimed toward girls though... other stuff not quite so much...

    Im fine if it says supernatural... its just horror that i try to avoid...

    General anime type?
    LoL. You stalked him. xd

    I don't think she has played that yet but when i talk to her i'll ask.

    Thank you. Hope the same for you 2. :3
    Chocolates... well some allergies are useful... like allergies to coffee xD Keep you from getting addicted~

    Yeah but the cooler doesnt cool enough D:

    Hmm... i watched those despite being a kid xD Theyre mostly for comedy purposes though...

    Well disney... not really~ The princesses are girly but everything else isnt quite so much~

    Its not too hard to find read what genre the recommendation falls into~ They usually pop up when i search for the anime anyway~

    I watch anime whenever and however i feel like it so it doesnt matter if its mainstream or not for me~
    I see. He's a bit silly then. :S He was one of the first people to greet me in here (and in hongfire which i gave up after 1 month). Dem copy/paste questions. xd

    Yeah she plays some VNs. :3
    Think the last one she played was either Katawa Shoujo or Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side.

    LoL. Good for you. xd
    Hmm i dont think i am~

    If i close everything else then it works... :/ Or works for longer anyway...

    Yeah and they havent changed...

    Ehh disney... i dun think so xD Not quite as entertaining~

    Recommendations... well i try to avoid scary stuff even if its good...

    Hmm well mainstream... those anime tend to be memorable for something... but i dont really choose favorites...
    Oh i see. '-' Why would he not want you to tell that though? o.o Weird.

    Yeah about the same genre.

    Awww isnt that cute. xD Isn't he thoughtfull? xd
    I have a friend who is allergic to crab shells xD As for me... crabs are ok depending how its made~

    Hmm mine overheats after one ep... but if i turn everything off then maybe i ca go for a couple~

    Lol unless the toss that stereotype that cartoons are just for kids out the door then im pretty sure ill just be after anime too xD

    Well you can realize it to some extent... but i suppose there isnt anything to tell besides reasoning~

    I usually dont go and read the plot first... so there is no story factor for me in the start xD

    Favorite.... i dont really have a favorite... i usually just like whatever i happen to be watching then see if it fades in time... if i remember it and talk about it more then i probably liked it for some reason... or at least it was memorable to me...
    Seafood... im fine with it~ I dont really care for calamari as much as i could but i would eat it~

    Currently avatar but my laptop seems to like overheating atm :/

    Yeah... thats the difference of it all... made for kids and made for adults xD Theres also those moral values and stuff so they dont show certain things... :/

    Hmm well if you switch tasks then itlll just switch to another part of the brain... depending what it is...

    Well i like story too... but the first thing that draws my attention would probably be art then music in the intro and the story following after...
    Lol well i prefer fish to calamari~

    Hmm already have that planned xD

    Well some of the random cartoons arent that bad~ Its just that they dont have things that anime does...

    Hmm thats sleep/rest... xD People use a part of the brain and switch to others... i think its difficult to use every part at once...

    Im just here for the art and music mostly... so horror might fall into something i would watch... :x
    Hmm calamari... i dont eat either all that much xD I eat randomish food... usually with rice somewhere~

    Lol add another couple years of anime? xD

    Hmm and all the other random cartoons...

    Geniuses were always rare xD Thats why theyre geniuses~ Though it all depends how genius is defined... the brain is actually used pretty fully... unlike what some movie and stuff say... its just that different parts work for different things and everything else just waits...

    I might watch some... dun really want to though >.<
    Lol onion rings... well i like calamari more i think~ better than onions...

    I did say you probably wouldnt dent the backlog much ;p unless you add 100+ anime to it o.o

    Yeah... but more fun to go with friends anyway isnt it? xD and if your backup doesnt work... grab a friend and hope theirs works~

    Well there are japanese words that just come from english sounds... so it might~

    There are... hmm not perfect then... great solutions to certain situations which someone who is average will only ever get a good solution for at most...

    Oh... i dislike either way xD Too scary for me...
    Yeah but if the crispy stuff fall off then the onion tastes funny D:

    Somewhere over 1000 :/ So not quite sure xD

    Thats why theres a backup... :x Or usually theres other people too...

    Lol ok then xD Japanese only cuz its a japanese word~

    Hmm its easier to adapt to situations but it wont be the "perfect" solution~

    The image has faded from mind enough that i dont see the scary part anymore xD Now to hope it stays that way...
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