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  • Idealism? Whatever is that?

    Nah, it simply means I don't need you for the purpose~

    Well, let's just stop talking about that.

    Sorry, I seriously have no idea whatever you're talking about? You, me, everyone, SH chat? Can you make more sense in your sentences please?
    Nah, nothing biggie. Just forget about it.

    Some were aware, yes, cause I told them. Most however weren't. How do you expect them to find out when there's no clue whatsoever - I just appeared as a new girl who came out of nowhere?
    And nah, you weren't the only one. People in my previous board knew a lot about it. Two of them still persisted to call me "onee-sama". Cute? I wonder how you define cute there... >_> And nah, no huggles!

    ...Sorry, but I don't swing that way.
    Which girl doesn't look at herself?! Yes, i have a lil sis! You interested?? O_O
    I'm drinking honey with water, eating strepsils, taking some cough syrups and I'm still like this! This is the 5th day!! ARGH ):
    HAHA, It's like pokemon evolving!!
    Nono.. It's just that I play dota almost everyday >_> Wa..wait, you don't play?!?
    Then I've been typing nuts the whole time!!!!!
    I stand in front when i play INT heroes, LOL.
    So i usually die first, HAHAHA. & Yes, support allies from behind ^^
    Yes! He was like, 'I CAN KILL!!' Then he died, LOLOLOL.
    Maybe i should rant in the forum some time~
    Hmm.. wait, you like lolis don't you??

    >_> But no matter how much i eat, I'm still like that!
    I can't.. grow... and they start saying flat flat flat... GAH.
    You just wanna look down on me don't you! Hmph! Meanie..

    So you're referring me as a kid?!?
    Mou, hidoiiiiiiiiiii~!
    Breakeven means Normal~
    The first thing i would wanna learn is why is cat named cat ^^
    I see... so you're not learning French because you want to huh, then why not quit? >_>
    Because .. I want to know if your good at it ^^
    We always refer this to that and got confused XD

    LOL, then maybe i should try acting cute :D
    No wait.. I AM cute! LOLOLOLOL
    Then let's trade places so we don't get confused!
    What is that?!?! O_O
    lol that's true xD But if we talk about that then I wouldn't be talking to you since I would have left to Sol ciel xD
    You wonder how to define purity and innocence? Simple, look at me!

    Because I never run out of things that can tempt me?

    Yeah, not to mention that to keep you alive, you (or the people around you) will have to spend hell lots of effort. But meh~ even if I did something like that, I wouldn't be so careless as to get it...

    Progress? On my girl? Since our last conversation? On the topic? What? I have no clue about whatever you're talking about? If it's about my girlfriend, we broke up just a while ago.

    Everyone trolled me like crazy? lol, why do you think I was acting as a girl to begin with? =D I had so much good laugh during my period of acting like a girl... also a while ago on MSN as a 16 year old girl. You're not the only one who mistook me as a girl, btw. Some people (yes, more than one) even persisted to call me "onee-sama".

    Well, thanks for the concern~

    That's your own business, not mine, you know o_o
    I do look at myself everyday ^^ Bu...but I gotta keep my lil sister company till she falls asleep >_>
    Doing great~ still having sorethroat though ): Thanks for asking~
    That's called evolving, LOL.
    Yup, support~
    Carry = The hero in your team that carries you throughout the game (E.g. Late gamers like Troll, FV etc.)
    I usually support by playing INT heroes (E.g. Shadow Priest, Slardar, Lion)
    I do extreme support by means of saving my carry even though sacrificing myself and i love to do that~
    Yeah, we're talking about dotA LOL
    HAHA.. because he knew he could kill them but he end up dying, that's why he is pissed :D
    Hmm, that's one way to relieve stress too .. ^^
    Hu..Huh What? LOL
    So i heard you like violent angels huh? XD

    Oh, it is due to malnutrition right? I believe so.
    Girls in my country also suffers from malnutrition >_> and i hate guys who say that.
    Woah, then you're like 'Hey, i can't see you.' RIGHT?!

    Sorry~ I don't have a facebook account >_>
    How could you had such an assumption?!
    So you're saying that I'm breakeven? >_>
    Ohh, why are you learning French?
    Yeah, it's the same~ It's only how they name it ^^
    I'm not allowed to do so and I'm not sure if I'm able to do so in the future D:
    ... I AM asking, am I? ^^

    Then prolly acting cute in front of the teacher wouldn't do me any harm, LOL .
    Forget about the names then x_x
    Oh yeah, HAHA XD
    Noooo... it's not.
    It's logic >_>
    >_> yeah, sleeping early .. hmm..
    Having a fever & sore throat due to lack of sleep just made my day!
    I think that's being keyboard warrior, i guess they do level up~
    LOL, can't say i like to brag... but I'm really good at supporting my teammates.
    Usually i support my carry a lot, that's why i always play with my friend ^^
    Well, if the team is noob, it can't be helped right? XD
    LOLROFL, that guy is pure awesome!
    Btw that guy you see in the video is quite well-known for being a pro in CS ^^
    Yes! It's fun, it isn't when you keep losing/dying right? >_>
    You'll get irritated to hell ..
    She's way too violent, LOL.

    I mean, I'm like <160
    So how can i be tall D:
    Rather, i think I'm around your chest height ... or lower ._.
    Wait.. you thought i assumed that they didn't have furs at all??
    Normal? You thought i was abnormal too?! D:
    Yeah~ You're young too ^^ So you could prolly learn some hokkien!
    How different? >_> I'm still not sure how the system on your country works~
    I don't think I'll be leaving my country at all :\
    LOL, what about english?

    ^^ I'm kinda slow at learning, maybe i should ask my teacher what's that sentence XD
    Ohh, actually it's almost the same.
    I start off from kindergarten for 2 years, then 6 years on primary education, 4/5 years on secondary education then 1 & 1/2 or 2-3 years on Poly/JC/Private institution.
    I don't think it's complicated ^^
    It's like 1+1=11 XD
    Yeah, same interest... like making the world a better place. A purer, more innocent place for pure and innocent people to live in.

    Not interested in that. -_-

    Dude, you got any idea how suffering from AIDS is like? >_> Losing your immunity means just a matter of time when your body will stop being able to take all the open attacks.
    Fake, fake, faaaaaaaaake. 'sides, my primary group is the Alliance, not SH's modding team. Anything that needs confirming should go there (though if you asked people like Tessu and Checkie you might get trolled as well...).
    Well... just don't start a thread or anything like that here.

    Why? I have enough trolls to keep myself company >_>
    Yep, that's why I said tight-knit individuals. Having not many people makes teamwork easier provided everyone fulfills their role well.

    Ohoho, that's good eh, spam hard now or get spanked!

    lol only when trolling and joking around I guess... but try to think - if that really did happen and cause me to go offline, I'd just go offline without a word. Moreover, there's the shoutbox (well, mainly Checkie) if you want to know my status when I'm not online.

    Hmm... maybe? I wonder if I should bother going back there? lol
    Hmm, not really... well, many things started from the shoutbox, and almost all Alliance members were gathered from there. We're nothing more than a small group of tight-knit individuals who help each other anyway~

    Well, good spammers are good, ne~


    You know... if that were true, I wouldn't let other people know about it... right? -_- Maybe just a few, but only ones closest to me.
    Actually, it's possible. o_o Any Alliance member can be made a moderator or some other officer if considered necessary.

    For now yes, nope. Our current staff roster consists of Alliance people who visit like everyday anyway.

    ...Cute. What. The. -_-

    Ah, so the announcement disappeared today? Well, let it be~ I have other things to take care of~
    lol, normally someone wouldn't become an S-mod unless they had become a section mod before, and done very well on his section. OR if the person is one of the founding members who got appointed to be an S-mod from the day the board was founded.

    As about thanking messages, I guess we'll allow them for now. tbh, we have yet to decide on the explicit rules like how far we should tolerate spam and whatnot. But for now, if you compare our rules to SH's, SH's are still stricter.

    To answer your request, thank you for your attention, but as for now I don't think we need an additional mod. Let's hope that the community will grow fast to the point where we'll quickly need additional mods. ;)

    News... if you mean what you heard on SH, I'm just gonna say this sentence: You're screwed to believe in what Wat said. -_-
    Of course i know they have furs!
    I don't understand all of them too, LOL.
    I only understand hokkien as far as i could barely speak ._.
    Grade? Hmm .. i just don't understand what people are saying sometimes D:
    Now i know ^^ but i guess it's difficult to live by yourself outside, i can't.
    I use both actually XD
    So I'm not particularly good at any languages.
    What about you? ^^

    I see i see, now i know o_o
    Okay, i shall look out for that sentence in the future, LOL.
    Then how does the system work in your country? x_x

    Okay, i shall sleep early from now onwards.
    I usually sleep at 2am .. and that just made my day right now.
    Yeah noobish as it sounds >_> but people still does it.
    Stupid noobs.. so noob still play dota, LOL.
    Did you mashed the keyboard like this guy does? ->
    Talk about games ._. it really pisses me off.
    Because i don't like to shoot arrow at people's butt!

    180?? O_O , umm
    I like... at your shoulder or somewhere there -.-
    Okay, then no furs >_>
    Let's drop that you lie i huh part then LOL & XD
    I've been studying for six years? (This year is the sixth year & is the last)
    Ohhhh, okay :o .. now i get it..
    I use chinese and well.. english XD

    Huh, why would the teacher scold me??
    Is it wrong to use that phrase in this way?
    Primary School (6 Years) -> Secondary School (4/5 Years depending on what stream you are at)
    Streams consist of Four types - Normal Technical, Normal Academic, Express & Special (I'm not sure bout Special)
    NT & NA take 5 years to complete while Express takes 4, not sure about special, too smart already >_>

    Thats early! XD
    Yeah! You hold the 'Shift' on your keyboard and drag your finger from number 1 to 0 (Left to right) is what they spam.
    Addiction rocks right? :D
    No Halo, sorry >_>

    Aren't you a kid too?!

    You sure they don't cough out furs?
    I forgot, LOL
    Yeah, chinese dialect. Different countries have different dialects yes? ^^
    What is junior high? I'm in primary school :D
    Ohhh, i thought usually Indo people would go other countries to study :\
    Yes, but i don't use it everytime!

    Oh! So if i say to the teacher, "You've got some balls huh!" -> means that the teacher have lots of courage?
    Okay i get the phrase now ^^ , i shall use it when i see my teacher the next time!
    Actually, he just looked at me and smile O_O
    Secondary D:

    What time do you normally sleep?
    LOL, no, just lots of ksers and keyboard warriors though.
    & people giving out numbers when unhappy. Kinda childish .
    Hmm, i learned Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom combo moves from there
    Like most of it and those basic controls and tried some really nasty combos ^^
    You should youtube it!
    LOL, would be nice to see Yoda fighting Xavier
    Okay! By that time, i think i would have plenty of wigs at home.. ):

    What is sexual intercourse? >_>
    I forget to reply!!!!!! Sorry >_>

    You should check on your cats coughing up fur some time~
    You always lie to me! ):
    Yup, hokkien is a dialect in singapore~ It means luck ^^
    Nono, i have a friend in my school who's from Indo too~
    I thought you would study at other country >_>
    Yeah, for like 10 years+ & i still can't pronounce it properly D:

    What is balls? XD ..
    He just went, Jiiiiiiiiiiii~ then i just walk away.
    That is ... Sec 2? O_O

    It's okay, maybe you're tired ^^
    Yeah! I've wasted a lot of money on Maplestory too ._. Man...
    Wiki taught me combo moves LOL
    Oh Mugen, HAHA. That game is LOLROFL XD
    I almost went crazy, really! Don't worry, I'll wear wig ^^

    What is hentai? :o
    hooh, pake AGTH+Atlas dkk.
    Princess Waltz gw ada main bentar, kalo Animeny udah nonton. hoho..
    Sengoku Rance jg top. sayang game2 yg ENG/ada patch ENG masih sangat sedikit.
    kalo mau main game2 yg ada GamePlayny harus kaya Sengoku Rance, pilih game2nya Studio EGO.
    trus 11Eyes, Chaos;Head, Tears to Tiara, trus Bing Bang Age. (3 game d belakang ada ENG Patch).
    itu game2 yg ada GamePlay bertema RPG gitu, kalo VN yg cerita2 gt byk, misal CANVAS, DA CA PO, etc.
    kalo gw skr lg minat ngumpulin VN ttg MILF. wakakakaka..
    haha.. kalo ditanya begitu asli bingung dah gw..
    mau nyebut apa.. haha.. asli bingung mau deskripsiin apa yg udah gw nonton ma gw maeni, coba liat list d bwh ini aja bro.
    Anime : (80% dah nonton).
    Eroge/VN : VN No CD / DVD Crack, Patch, SN, MiniImage, ROM, etc. (udah lama ga update, ya plg jumlah saat ini kurang lbh +100 title gitu lah.. 45% dah main, sisanya lom ada waktu ^^).
    oh di kaskus ma IDWS ada jg toh ?
    nicknya sama ? haha..
    kalo ga doyan ga mungkin bisa ada disini bro ^^
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