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    Oh, Hideki, hello... it seems some people have their name changed...
    Happy New Year :cheering::cheerleader:
    Wishing you a New Year that brings luck and prosperity, fill your home with joy and spirit...
    Whoaaa! Oh I forgot to tell you it seems, I also play in the NA Server hahahahaah! XDD See you around in the game~. For some reason though, maybe it's just my inactivity, but I don't quite seem to remember encountering any of your IGNs in the game. DX That or I only usually remember IGNs who always finished Henir Challenge solo every time I go online haha. XD
    Hello Kotoura. XD Man, it's been a while, anyway, so I just saw your signature and saw that you are playing Elsword?! JFBGHKHDBGHSB that game is awesome alright, I play it too, which server do you play and your IGN? Ahahaha, mine is MiyaMusashi... though I have a lot of characters. DX
    Oh, whom see there...? Is that not the lost son of ASF, Hi... *gohon* ...Kotoura...? G'evening...:hi:
    Oh so... I see it... But that is at each profession so: You must from the lowest level of profession start in your life, so was, too at me...

    Thanks for the question, me is fine so far, just the daily progress have I: cooking, VN's , anime and etc.

    Well then have you a thechical job at the Hotel...

    Kacta and others left or got bored ?

    Well it's probably more immersive than minecraft even alone ~
    Now you know what that funny thing was I talked about. eh.

    Tired of the game yet or is it still fun, what level now ?
    /me hugs and kisses <3

    Long time no chat. How are you?~

    Lately, Genki has been teaching me about Steam and gaming. I am so going to fail. Lol.

    Hope to see you soon. Let's chat some more when you have time.

    Bye-bye~ ^^
    Well from talking on steam at some times primarily...

    I experienced something somewhat funny not too long ago though..I think you might be able to relate too...I'll tell you laters though =]

    You maxed out your levels already in that game you where playing ?
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