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    oh going pretty well i manage to put all my neko collection in the konekomimi section =D and you?
    Nyahaha,somehow it doesn't sound pleasant from the name ,lol.but maybe i could learn few things.Sure~ =))
    Yeah i would love to do that,will need some kind of attention trick too i guess.
    since i'm not good at starting conversation,even if it goes well, it ended up awkward ^^a
    Yeah thanks for the head up and also for the Friend request~
    Glad to have first companion =))
    well either way has it's own good point,i envy to those who stand out much actually,they more free to express themselves
    cause i'm trying to able to stand out,or i never make it to my presentation next year OTL
    Nyahaha,first time i see people who like Lurker ^^
    so that would be mean that you're also lurker then ? =)
    Yeah Thanks for the welcome =)
    been Lurking for long time actually then i decide to take part in here~
    Hope we got along ^^/
    "Someone else looking very young for his/her age? T_T"
    Here's the guy! I'm sixty here and still looking as young as a sixteen y/o!
    (yah.. unless that's a lie - which is likely to be true)

    Hey there young looking 18 y/o lad, thanks for leaving a post on my introduction thread!
    be happy about it, you'll see the good sides when your friends turn 30ies and you're still looking fresh
    Hello!! new to these kind of forums!! My motto is: treat everyone as you want to be treated yourself!! ;)
    *Processing mode*
    OK, i don't know what i should write D:
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