Non Non Biyori - 12

So, back to Nisekoi or do I start something else???
I haven't been watching alot lately. I started power watching Hunter x Hunter and I've been keeping up with One Piece, but that's about it as of late.
Cherry picking select episodes of the original Sailor Moon series, uncensored version.

The old English dubbed version is heavily censored and sanitized. The original uncensored version can be quite controversial.
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 4

Been reading that series up to the latest translation and by the look of the pace of the animation is going at. It most likely to cover either up to Volume 4 to Volume 7, depending on how fast they want to pace it. I believe by the time it reaches Volume 4, it should have released approximately around 13 to 16 episodes if they paced it based on all the key events in the Light Novel.

Additional Note: Volume 1 is already worth 4 Episodes so far. Episode 5 will cover last bit of Volume 1 and go on to Volume 2.


Date A Live from Episodes 1 to 3.

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