one punch man special that ending theme
Watching Beelzebub With my Big Brother (to break the ice in our relationship) It's pretty good :D
Ushio to Tora (2016) 4 - Keeping up the same high quality of season 1. Great watch!

Assassination Classroom (2016) 15 - Very clever!
Rewatching Zankyou no Terror
I love this show, the OP is also really good. But THAT ending...:ohnoes:
Rewatched Shomin Sample.

If you want drama, tragedy, horror, violence, zombies roaming through the streets...

Yeahhh, this is none of that! :evillaugh:

Shomin Sample is an absurd, crazy, harem comedy. An unbelievable premise, it is cute, clever, and funny as heck!

A very fun watch! :)
Sakamoto desu ga? ep1+2
Holy crap..I've read the manga, but the anime is just gold! I'm a sucker for these absurd-comedy anime
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