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Jan 16, 2013
Hello everyone, This is the sign ups for Mafia Game 9: fallout 3. I'll be your host for this game and use this to explain the game as well as have a poll for your opinion on a few minor setting factors. Note: if you have skype add me or ill add you, would make things easy then.
EDIT: we have the choices ill be editing this page and changing things for new details on this game.

100-200 years after the nuke war: in this game you can leave the vault however the overseer wont be so easy on the idea (just like the main setting of the game). Most will get the standard vault dweller and have to make up a age, what there job is in the vault and if you want to be related to another player go for it. (explains more in character down below.)

poll option riddles and puzzles : there will be riddles and puzzles in the game. since a tie with the lowest and the highest l do in-between of 5-7 puzzles or riddles.

poll option character weapons: may make you op and such but im a balance guy so all weapons will have bad side effects as in used too much can kill the user as well or make them insane. the greater the power = greater the damage on user. if a yes ill ask u in a pm a few questions. also as of the setting they maybe out of the vault, if not really hard to find and such.

Characters: one person will be mafia so dont make characters just yet unless ur ok in scrapping ur idea. rules in making them are simple:

YOUR ALL CIVILIANS (age between a child and a old man)
example creation:
(250words max)
First and last name: Billy myers
age: 32
appearance (if no pic): Dark brown hair, green eyes, slim and fit
weight and hieght (optional): W: 82kg H: 182cm
job/occupation: vault chef
story/history: the vaults chef who cooks all meals and handles making food for everyone.
(note for history some may be edit and have a starting effect: mental, fear, ect)

each job will have its own perks which ill give out myself.

Vault jobs: Vault chaplain, Laundry man, Waste management specialist, Vault loyalty inspector, Clinical test subject, Fry cook, Jukebox technician, Tattoo artist, Shift supervisor, Marriage counselor, Little league coach, hairdresser, vault engineer, garbage burner, vault teacher, vault physician, vault security guard.

if you pick any jobs of the above ill give you added details so you can fit it into your story. only one per job and I must approve of your job. 18yrs and older get a job. this will give you a perk.

pick one S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and only 2 people can be the same special. eg: player 1 and 2 pick strength and then player 3 sends his character with that special. he will have to pick something else

S is for Strength: your harder to knock out, deal heavy hits even with light items used as weapons and can carry 3 more spot then most (7>10). the other with this will cancel eachother out. they also get reduce damage by blunt weapons and can parry more likely. you get bonus for melee weapons or heavy guns. downside is that they are slow reflexes and speed.

P is for Percetption: You can read peoples moves in comming attacks, u can also look at a body and have a great chance to figure out the weapon used to kill them. you may get bad feelings. you have a slight chance to know what the attack will do a fight. they get a bonus to one handed or 2 handed guns weapons eg pistols. weak against being hit or shot.

E is for Endurance: You dont need to eat often (7days without eating to 10) and dont suffer side effects until later (day 3>5). you have more energy to do stuff and fight battles (5 actins to 7). gets a chance to resist be knocked out or being hit with a blunt object.. getting to other areas don't take as long as others. can resist pain to stay focus. easy to poison though as there blood is always pumping and can bleed to death more easy. 1/2

C is for Charisma: You can call out bluffs and will always know the truth when talking to players. (if a player lies that lie becomes the truth and they must do that before anything else). if 2 players have this the other one asking the other one with this can bluff and have no effect. 3 uses only to tell the truth no matter what to find info. no weakness and balanced.

I is for intelligence: You know how to work things without training and without stuffing up. you can also get certain hidden files off computers. you can hack robots or make your own stuff or equipment to help reduce damage and such by picking 1 out of 3 trees.
robot hacker/maker, scavenger or scientist. (scavenger makes armor or hand made weapons from scrap, can easy to make them, but the quality is random from crap, little protection to the best depending on your luck. scientist can make lazers or plasma weapons and exo suits but the items are hard as hell to find.) incredibly weak in melee combat and easy to be killed with no protection or support.

A is for Agility: you always go first in combat and has a higher dodge rate then most. (out of 5 flips in combat agility increase it to 7 flips on attacks on u. if attacked: 7-6 heads is counter attack for u. 5-4 heads is a dodge, 3 heads is a weak hit, 2 is a normal hit, 1 is a heavy hit (they do not get a critical hit on damage to them). this means u have more chance of not getting hit with agility. fight the other with agility cancles eachother out. they can crawl in vents easy and harder to detect too. weak to being hit by melee weapons in combat, if a blunt will slow them down.

L is for luck: random shit happens (in battles or not. if 2 players have this worse effects or better. u may struck gold or get deep fried) they also have a higher critical in weapons and also greater chance on missing too. pretty much its always a life and death satiation and those who fight this class and around them.

premade character are there for people as well.

if there is anything you wish to ask let me know and ill edit the main page and answer ur questions.

Signed up players:

2: Samyeung46
3: Infamous
4: Ralium
5: C Drias
6: Sintarow
7: Makoto™

1 [MENTION=13039]MadSova[/MENTION] ;
2 [MENTION=37707]Pyre[/MENTION] ;
3 [MENTION=28026]Selvaria[/MENTION] ;
4 [MENTION=8332]Samye[/MENTION] ;
5 [MENTION=40801]Ruby~[/MENTION] ;
6 [MENTION=76366]chiru[/MENTION] ;
7 [MENTION=66271]ryuta[/MENTION] ;
8 [MENTION=36528]aexiel[/MENTION] ;
9 [MENTION=25147]Mokou~[/MENTION] ;
10 [MENTION=41434]Nazaka[/MENTION] ;
11 [MENTION=60305]Zad[/MENTION] ;
12 [MENTION=86272]Dream[/MENTION] ;
13 [MENTION=46616]Inori~[/MENTION] ;
14 [MENTION=14327]Kim~[/MENTION] ;
15 [MENTION=32153]DaRk_AnGeL_ZoA[/MENTION] ;
16 [MENTION=38786]Hinode[/MENTION] ;
17 [MENTION=41391]♥ Sky[/MENTION] ;
18 [MENTION=78507]Satori~[/MENTION] ;
19 [MENTION=29827]Ogikumo[/MENTION] ;
20 [MENTION=78659]Marimo~[/MENTION] ;』
21 [MENTION=67840]Pichu~[/MENTION] ;
22 [MENTION=78963]Soul~[/MENTION] ;
23 [MENTION=79180]M1ha1ru[/MENTION] ;
24 [MENTION=41987]Sintarow[/MENTION] ;

[MENTION=28674]1RenaRyuuguu[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29956]2Dheeey[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=15776]Aer0gam3r[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28232]AErik-kun[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30590]Aew[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=36528]aexiel[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27362]AhGwee[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28113]AK-22B[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28059]Ak5shays[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30161]alesao[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=159]alexsdu[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27785]Alice Rei[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=2087]Alpha_stigma[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27006]Angelus knight[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=7737]Animaksiat[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=26539]AnimalBear[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=68]AntiClimax[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=9628]Arylin[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29577]ayumu9[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=35742]Baal[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=11276]Baka[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=31210]BetterPlace[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=16251]Blacktoken[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27460]Bloodhorn[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=190]BlueMage[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=3]Checkmate[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30497]ChiharuHanayagi[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29650]Crystal_king[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29458]cyberhood[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=43398]Daeyamati[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=24017]dannyh[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=25286]Dante1712[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=44312]Dark Angel[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29784]dark5[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=43671]darkash[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27120]DavRoc777[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=8967]deathwarrior[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=25364]Decalcomania[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28509]defqon1[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30649]DL Zandorf Rahamasch[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=13267]dreamer197[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28243]egozi44[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27374]eien[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29917]eighThdream[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=13241]Ein[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27287]Ellie_kitty101[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=44829]emmanoyhl[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=24034]Evac[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28568]Exaelia[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=10372]ExtremeShinobi[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=19454]Fall[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=16554]Famichip[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=25460]fastdj2004[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=41294]Fear211[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=37707]FinalPyre[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30111]firedmn[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=3632]Flareknife[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=31965]Flopp94[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30562]fr0zendrgn[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=20225]Franela[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=87]Frankincense[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27322]Furukawa Kei[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27363]GenjoSenpai[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=25661]GenKiDan[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28499]Gero50[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30425]givigivi[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27404]Guan Yunchang[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27986]Hanagai[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28913]HappyPeppyJimmy[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=16583]hayate akihisa[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28182]henry[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27360]Himeyuri[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=38786]Hinode[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=43783]hollowfication[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27773]iamdiva86[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=11241]ImEsAu[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=40801]Infamous[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=24179]IwantPedobearToo[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28114]izmenanda[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=25939]japespszx[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=16592]jikannouse[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30454]JovianSH[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27586]juudith[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29664]Kaboos15[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=10115]kactaplb[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30099]Kalimaman[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=26209]kami-onii-chan[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30383]kaotiksoul[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=8663]kasumi-chan[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=10809]Keima[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=37032]Keisuke Kurogami[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=14553]kenshin himura[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=14327]kimovis[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28409]King of Heroes[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=26]KingArturia[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=26533]Kionea[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29319]Kiririn[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=14400]kona[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28026]KOS-MOS[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=12156]Kotoura[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=10496]Kuki[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=43771]Laraid[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28690]laurel88[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=14493]Legend[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28609]lewhatton[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27874]lintox[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28603]Loki[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=13464]lpdcomic[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=31150]MafooZala[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=43226]Magicbjorn[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30226]mater[/MENTION] ; 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[MENTION=26]KingArturia[/MENTION] if u can make this stickypeas and thank you
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Hmm... Well, g'afternoon to you Fear^^!

- but I've this MG unhappily reject, because of lack of time (work) - Where then sorry Fear, I pass it, okay?...:goodtea:~>
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hey Nanshi and its ok, only going to be a quick one anyway but if you change your mind let me know
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no im not, fallout 3 has no magic and the only other race is the undead which is a ghoul which is a certain few who survive the radiation. so im going by the main setting/plot
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lol ill admit its a bit of both but if i dont say it people will make whatever characters plus have to be careful about u too, dont want 10pages on your character's history XD
I'll sit this one out.
Sorry fear... Just not enough time for another one of theses.
Hmm, I probably am to busy with other stuff as usual, though these games does seem intriguing, yet I have still not quite grasped how to properly play them from my one last brief encounter with it. I'll say I have to pass for now, which is the most likely outcome. In fact I'm tempted to play it just in order to better know how they work ^
Hmm, I probably am to busy with other stuff as usual, though these games does seem intriguing, yet I have still not quite grasped how to properly play them from my one last brief encounter with it. I'll say I have to pass for now, which is the most likely outcome. In fact I'm tempted to play it just in order to better know how they work ^

I would say to join mine as it will be simple compared to a few future ones and give u a good idea but it's your choice

I'm going to make most of my games simple for new players when they join and make it easy to understand
If its going to be short as well then thats very tempting, since I keep having a backlog of things I need to deal with in life...and I'd rather not see it grow any bigger at least. That way, it will give me a good introduction that won't set me back too much with other things.
Well the good news is I plan to make this a fast pace going for 1-2months no more then that and depending how fast players go, also helps if the players pick the first setting as the map will be small and will easy make this quick

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