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i want my action to have the undead loli daughter of the owner in my possession to make me some tea~
Guess I'm almost a week late on this, but yeah in the Trigun manga (maybe anime too?) a big scene is where Vash is in a big fight (gets his arm blown off) and when he starts fighting seriously the bad guy says "Hey! This is not how the story goes! I thought you were a simple coward, easy to shut up. But no! What I see in your eyes... Diablo... Your true character revealed!"

hehe I cracked it open just to get the exact quote. That is such a good series. :)
『Every mad scientist tends to die once or twice from his own experiments. xD』
『It wasn't completely you! It was a chemical reaction of my not yet finished plasma to your stuff!』
I guess I'm still alive.

Been so busy I haven't had time to show this place any love </3
Will be trying to make time though.
『Break the whole place down! I wanna know what happens then xD』
Well to understand something, sometime you must break it down to its elements.
But In this case I think I just want to find the quickest way to end this game.
A little too slow pace for my taste.
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Btw Otokonoko, do you have the latest version of this game? It was long overdue for an update.
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