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I forgot to reply these quotes

That's a very yandere thing to say

Sounds like an interesting book, makes me want to read more and see whats more :desire: I bet you have horror movies, I'm okay with anything :goodtea:

Well Kanato-kun is also a yandere, how tragic :fulfilled:

Indeed but it's a new beginning with an ending ^^ Life goes on like this~ are you also a uni student?:reallyconfused:

Erm.. I'm not a yandere but well okay i will pretend to be one if you want it so much. So should i drug your tea or simply toss you in a cage? :kurochan_yandere:

Oh i have some kiddie movies. and some anime. i don't like horror movies. not because they are scary but because they are lame ehehe..

But still Kanato is scary as hell and he have a short temper :O

Erm i never got into an uni because of money problems .. So i'm In the middle of looking for a job :deadsad:

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gamblepudding wrote on Otokonoko's profile.
Hi, can you please re-upload 機械の少女が紡いだ記憶(中編) Ver4.2 [RJ263914] in katfiile or mexa? I believe you have the latest 4.12 version.
nakamura_yuri wrote on Ryzen111's profile.
Hi, could you please reupload 真剣で私に恋しなさい!S 初回版? Most links are dead except for the ones on Rapidgator which don't allow me to download without a premium account. Thank you very much!
ballball1110 wrote on Otokonoko's profile.
Hi, can you please re-upload these in katfile?
[201128][エモイ堂] 【耳かきセレクト】サキュはめ 見習いサキュバスクロエ編 ~夢魔の力で好きなあの子とドリームセックス~【生耳かき&KU100ハイレゾバイノーラル】 [RJ306515]
[220430][エモイ堂] 無条件溺愛してくるヤンデレセクサロイドとの「支配されたい」「使われたい」「完全所有されたい」願望ダダ漏れアクメ性活【KU100&超リアル音質】 [RJ386208]
[210320][エモイ堂] 【搾乳フォーリー&最高なおっぱいプレイ】こちら牛娘ですがまぎれもなくうちの妹です。【KU100&バイノーラル】 [RJ320191]
thank you!