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Oct 16, 2010
In this thread I'll be collecting links to my English H-Game uploads.

The index mentions the name and a short description by me (at least for the games I already played).
The name is linked to the thread of the game.

Bible Black
My opinion: An absolute must-play. The story is just superb, although a bit dark. There's a lot of sex (and it starts early on) and the endings are not just your run-of-the-mill guy gets the girl and is happy type either. Albeit I'm not a fan of big boobs this game just gripped me and was played through quite fast.
Verdict: A classic that should at least be tried once.

Brave Soul
My opinion: A game that should be played just because it offers something different than the standard stuff. The RPG part is quite addictive, although a bit repetitive. The story is unique (for this genre) and the characters are better worked out than in many other games. There's only very little sex in it though, so see it rather as a RPG with added sex than the other way around.
Verdict: The RPG part was quite fun but the story part was lacking. If you like playing (older) JRPGs this might be something for you, otherwise more story-centric ones could be a better choice.

Castle Fantasia 2
My opinion: This is a remake of an older game with an excellent and often funny story. The setting as well as the characters are pretty unique, but the SRPG part is a bit too easy. Being older (well, technically) the game has no history function and also lacks the holy 'Skip Read Parts' function, meaning that getting all the ends takes a bit of time - but at least you can skip most of the battles. ;)
While talking about the endings: there's two main branches, in which the endings are very similar to each other - go and collect them to see. ^^
Verdict: Quite fun game with a good story to support it. Since the story was emphasised over the battles they can be won quite easily - actually the first fight it is the only difficult one.

Come See Me Tonight
My opinion: Overall nice game with a decent story and good sex. Well rounded, but nothing that sticks out.
Verdict: Pretty much average game all around - will do if you're bored or like this kind of simple game.

Come See Me Tonight 2
My opinion: They improved on the predecessor, but still nothing too special here.
Verdict: If you liked the predecessor you will like this more, but still nothing to go crazy about.

Cosplay Alien

Cosplay Fetish Academy

My opinion: What I first noticed was that the game displays the text over the whole screen instead of using a small box. The art is also skillfully done, but, just like the text display, takes a bit to get used to. At first I had a hard time connecting to the game, but once I got to the first end it had me gripped - in conclusion this game takes a while to get into, but it is more then worth it.
Verdict: Definitely one of the better translated game. If you're a fan of school romance or classical music you should not miss this one.

Critical Point
My opinion: This game has the best story I've encountered so far. The characters are well worked-out with alternating story lines that bring about completely different endings, even altering the back-story! Sadly the game is old and it shows in the graphics. :( It will keep you busy until you got all the endings though. ;)
Verdict: If you can see past the age (and graphics) this game will reward you with a rich story line gripping you until you reach the conclusion.

Da Capo

Da Capo II

My opinion: The spiritual follower of Bible Black - expect the same art style, entangling story and loads of well-written sex. While in Bible Black you were mostly the active part here the roles are reversed. The games are overall very similar, so if you like the one you'll like the other.
Verdict: Another nukige, but without being a classic. I'd recommend playing Bible Black first and if you liked that to pick this one up.

Do You Like Horny Bunnies?
My opinion: The story is just run-of-the-mill, but the sex is good. The characters also deviate from the norm a bit, each of them possessing a tiny twist that sets them apart. Also features animated sex scenes.
Verdict: Good nukige that will do if you don't need outstanding stories.

Do You Like Horny Bunnies? 2
My opinion: The translation is very, very bad. Additionally the story is rather similar to the predecessor and having started this one right after I didn't finish it.
Verdict: If you liked the first part this might be for you, otherwise you can easily pass over this one without missing anything special.

Doushin - Same Heart
My opinion: You know those games that want to be all at one and somehow don't quite live up to it? Like Spore? Well, to calm you down this game is not as bad as Spore, but giving that you're playing three hot girls they could've done more with it. It also breaks my golden rule that any game that features you dying is good, which is doubly upsetting (once for the rule to be broken and once for it to exist in the first place). Use a walkthrough with this one, you'll save yourself some pain.
Verdict: Lots of potential of which little was realised. Might be interesting to pick this up for the reversed view points, but one of the X-Changes might be better for this. All in all it's worthy mostly for novelty reasons.


Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia

Family Project ~Kazoku Keikaku~

Fate/Stay Night

Figures of Happiness

G-senjou no Maou

Heart De Roommate

Hitomi - My Stepsister
My opinion: Very well written, nice and clean interface, flowchart to find all the endings easily and an above average story. Again rather big breasts (:(), but I guess most of you'll be able to cope. ;)
Verdict: If you're into the imouto genre you should play this. If not you can still get some easy enjoyment out of it.

Kana - Little Sister
My opinion: Masterfully written, this game will draw you in and touch you deep down. On several occasions I was moved to tears, which is no mean feat. In parts philosophical, in others cheerful or sad, this shows what excellent penmanship is. Now, there's not much sex scenes in it, so if you play it do it for the story alone.
Sadly there's some technical issues (crashing minutes before I got the last ending and CG, taking my nigh-perfect savegame down :mad:).
Verdict: A classic and one of the best translated games. This is one you shouldn't miss as long as you can remember to save often, utilising two slots.

Kango Shicyauzo 1 (I'm Gonna Nurse You)
My opinion: Well, they're really bad at placing buttholes. That and the naughty nun is pretty much all that was really noteworthy.
Verdict: The game is just completely average in pretty much every aspect. Pick it up if you're bored or the screenshots speak to you, but don't worry about not doing so.

Kango Shicyauzo 2 (I'm Gonna Nurse You 2)
My Opinion: Sound is average, so are the characters and story. Using the background music led to the game constantly crashing for me, so beware.
Verdict: Good for quick entertainment (especially if you liked the first part), but nothing to hold your breath over.

Kira Kira

Kira Kira Curtain Call

Let's Meow Meow
My opinion: The story is unique, although it could have used a bit more work on it. The characters are likewise unique, but unrefined. The interactions between them are quite interesting, though. The sex is quite good, got to love nekominis. :D
Verdict: If you like nekominis you'll like this game. Sadly it's a bit rough around the edges and thus might not suit everyone's taste.

Lightning Warrior Raidy
My opinion: Lesbian sex is always good. ;) The RPG part is more of a boring dungeon crawl though and only the enemies animations will keep you from switching off. The story is also extremely recycled - still worth a play though. Luckily this game is so short that you'll be through before it starts to wear off and thus still stays more enjoyable than the grades would let you expect.
Verdict: Great if you like yuri sex and fighting skimpily glad/nude monsters. Good for some quick enjoyment and for being rather novel, but still lacking in several aspects.

Lightning Warrior Raidy 2
My opinion: An improvement about its predecessor in pretty much all aspects. The game is longer, features more fights and scenes, an extras section having all CG (including the monsters, unlocks after completing the game once). The game is three times as long, adds an inventory and equipment screen, auto-mapping of the dungeons (yes!), and then some.
The only downsides are the voice-over, the still pretty standard story, and the amount of typos in the game. They're a bit distracting, but this game is still a lot of fun. ^^
Verdict: If you liked the first part, you have to get this one. If you like yuri, you should get this one. If not - why not try it and have your mind changed. :P

Little My Maid
My opinion: The graphics are pretty awkward/crappy, the voice acting could be better and the blinking characters are a tad irritating. During the game there's very little story developing, but the endings are very beautifully done and make up for it.
Verdict: A nukige with beautiful endings. As far as nukiges goes this is one of the better ones, even though the blinking characters irritated me throughout. Pick it up if you're horny or like maids, don't worry about it otherwise.

Men at Work! 2

Moreo Downhill Night 1
My opinion: Well, the first thing that springs to the eye is the large number of videos - every few lines there seems to be one. Sadly this and the music are the biggest pluses of the game...
The art itself is okay, but not really anything special. Unless they are depicting a blow-job - those look simply beyond horrible.
The story itself feels very forced and I had some issues with the quality of the translation, making it even worse. Basically you get suckered into navigating races to help your love interest win them. At the beginning this makes pretty little sense and there's no real motivators given. If you manage to survive the first chapter the story gets a lot better (which isn't saying all too much) until it closes with a very corny end.
And since this game was seemingly out to annoy me, they made the races to be choice controlled - no driving for you! Oh, the skip function is also not working correctly, but luckily the results of your choices can usually be seen immediately.
Verdict: I really had hoped for more from this game. All in all the squandered potential made this a rather bland experience, so unless you're a racing/oppai fan you may want to skip to another game.

Moreo Downhill Night 2

Osananajimi wa Daitouryou ~My girlfriend is the President.~

Pick Me, Honey!

Princess Waltz

Sensei 2
My opinion: This game is expertly written and features strong storylines for sure. Although it starts with with a long introduction this game really picks up around the middle (when you enter a girls path). Beware though, this game is even darker than Bible Black, sucking you into a maelstrom of darkness and taking you along for a ride.
Verdict: If you like dark games you'll love Sensei 2. If you not this game may change your opinion a bit. :P Definitely worthy of a download.

Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo

Shera, My Witch
My opinion: A nukige if there ever was one. The music is okay, but the moaning between scenes sounds more like a crow. The main character is also voiced. You can turn him off any time you want, though. The game itself features mostly characters with big breasts and has animation a bit below those expected from current games (it is a bit older, after all). The game also covers plenty of tame fetishes (uniform, apron, P.E., threesome…), which is not really surprising given that there are dozens of scenes.
Verdict: If you want a nukige with plenty of sex go with this one. If you want a good story - go with something else instead. ;)

My opinion: Music is rather average and a bit repetitive at times and the translation could use a bit of work. The setting is unique, after all most games don't have good looking Gods and Devils in them. :p Also a bit of humour, which is always a plus. Only a few choices and a short introduction, but the main parts are longer. A tad quirky characters with little unique traits elevating them from the average and each with a deep background story - albeit every one of them having some problem or other seems a bit overdone. Game is well made but somehow didn't connect with me - maybe it's the translators habitually messing up the deeper parts of the story or maybe it's something else - who knows.
Verdict: If you can see past the problems mentioned above this will be quite enjoyable with lots of rabu-rabu situations. If not something else might be better, even though this game is not that bad.

Snow Drop
My opinion: A pretty quick game with loads of actions and a nice story in the background. Becomes a bit weird at the end, but stays manageable. I usually don't say anything about the picture quality (that's what screenshots are for), but I noticed that while most were rather average some really stood out, being a lot better than the rest.
Verdict: Good if you have some time to fill, but doesn't make my must-play list.

Snow Sakura
My opinion: A very funny game that will leave you laughing - or at least snickering throughout. The story has some nice twists in it, further adding to the fun. The characters are unique, with title endearing quirks - Kozue has to be one of the weirdest characters I ever encountered, but I love her for it. :p Don't forget to listen to the Jenglish they speak sometimes and to look what they're wearing outdoors. In the snow. When it's freezing cold. :D
Verdict: Very funny, very good game that everyone should have at least trialled once.

Soul Link
My opinion: The game features good art and a very interesting setting - a welcome change from the rabu-rabu school romances that are heavily featured in most games. The menu system also shows more thought than those in most other games, which is a nice little bonus. ;) The music is a tad annoying, but nothing that can't be dealt with or switched off.
Anyway, the story itself is about a military school that is attacked by terrorists. And since this is science fiction, the school is a space station, adding to the tension. The translation is quite good, carrying over the tension well and the occasional joke also survived it. Another point of note is that you die quite often, sometimes seemingly random.
Verdict: Gripping story that veers from the standard school romance stuff in most other games. Definitely a game that should be played if you like things that are a bit more fleshed out or require a bit of trial-and-error. Actually as long as you're not an avid nukige or school romance player you should pick this one up.

Suika A.S+

The Sagara Family
My opinion: Older artwork, but a nice, quite complicated story and even some animated gifs. The endings range from gripping over cute to slightly weird. Music is nice, but a bit repetitive for a game this length. The game does get a small bonus for the harem route though.
Verdict: One of the better games out there, but nothing I went particularly wild over. Makes a very good play if you like the setting or have nothing else to play instead.

My opinion: Excellent story with a few turns and twists to keep you on your toes. The battle system seems simplistic but playing it on the higher difficulties will be quite a challenge and have you think constantly - or use some underhanded tactics. ;) The H-scenes seem to have been added late in the development to pep up the game a bit. The artwork is a real strong point of this game and simply excellent. Character-wise you got quite a few, each with identifieable and coherrent likes and dislikes and character development throughout the game. Slight minus points for not being fully voiced and the sex scenes being too short and censored. And for having three Kamyu scenes and none with Kuuya and Sakuya. :mad:
Verdict: One of the games everyone should have at least trialled. Very well done all around and enjoyable to the end, but light on the sex.

Which Girl Should I Choose? (Hinata Bokko)
My opinion: This is a short and sweet little game with quite a few characters, roughly half of which have no route for their own. The music is okay and the art is drawn quite moe, so that takes a bit to get used to.
The story is mostly standard fare, with the twist of you ending up working at a coffee shop. Some of the characters follow simply well-known types, while the endable ones have little quirks thrown in to spice it up. Another thing note-worthy is that this game features many imoutos - there's four characters fitting the bill, even though only half of that actually have an ending.
To sum up: Sweet game that is good to fill a few hours with nothing really wrong about it - except the translation, which is just horrible. Being able to speak English well is a plus here, since you can still make out the meaning of all lines then. ^^
Verdict: Cute game that really suffers from the botched translation. If you can make it past this you'll definitely enjoy this game - unless you're a petanko/imouto lover, in which case you'll love it.

X-Change 2

X-Change 3

Yin-Yang! X-Change Alternative

Yume Miru Kusuri
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really thank you for uploading all this game, i used to have most of the games here but lost almost all of them
been searching desperately to complete my collection, until i found this thread
well.. im use window 7.. but i dont understand how to install any of this games.. bcoz what i see is only bin file only.. cant open it.. help me here man..??
well.. im use window 7.. but i dont understand how to install any of this games.. bcoz what i see is only bin file only.. cant open it.. help me here man..??

You need to mount the file. Use a program like Daemon tools lite or 120% alcohol. They're both have free versions I think. Anyway, use the program and mount the .cue/.bin file, then it'll open another window where you can install the game(s).
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Just wanted to drop by and thank you for being so awesome, you've got a wonderful collection of games, and you did some superb reviews X3
Thanks for this list! Do you also play Galge? You know, the non-erotic ones. Hehe. Wanna try some of them. Anyway, nice list again! :)
I don't even have time to play eroge, much less Galge. :P
That's also why the reviews and adding of savegames is so stalled. :rolleyes:

By the way, Ryugan will soon continue with Fairy Tail again - great news, everyone. :)
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i have problems installing Sensei 2 & Do you Like Bunny Girls.When i install it, it's say Incomplete Registration or Please insert CD-ROM!? But When I install Displine it's working.
Make sure to copy over the crack into the installation directory. The cracks are either in a separate directory, archive (although this is rare and only applies to some Hotfile and Fileserve downloads), or on the CD.
Awesome collection, thanks. I know your busy, but I was wondering if you could add some newer games onto the list?
I usually leave the newer games to Tessu and girlcelly. Anything particular you have in mind since the two of them usually have all English releases covered?
Oh, I didn't have anything particular in mind. I didn't know that there were others covering the new games :s

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