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  • Sorry for not replying fast i was out for a while to make a request and i wanted some quiet to do my work ;)

    Yes like this! Those are the pre-cutted or rendered images.
    Happy new Year, i wish the best and always be healthy and have always happiness and prosperity!

    Yeah send as you like but please the character must pre-cutted otherwise it will take to much time long to finishing rendering and the whole concept

    Also witch character is that you like to do?
    Thank you, I wish you a happy New Year as well :3
    Not so Happy New Year over here yet (2 hours away) but I wish you a great year of 2014 as well Silver Crystal.
    Did you read the requirements? It Free of course but also you have to provide me the pre-cutted (rendered) character and the preferred wallpaper but if don't have wallpaper i can add something also if you like some of my render we can also use them ;)
    I wish also for you and your family all good on the world, and a healthy future, Silver...!!!:goodtea:~>
    Happy new year Silver Crystal! May the force be with you!
    Read here the requirements for a sig request all the rules are here : Sig Requests for ASF Members
    1-1:30 hours per picture it depends how much difficult is the render if it has many hair or the kind of picture scanner input screen shoots from VN ore from anime it depends. takes loong time to load with proxy>.<

    hmm....similar....i dunno...i still can't find eroge similar with lxc...maybe you should ask
    veteran in eroge corner...
    it's on april 25th 2014 ....too bad i couldn't acces hibiki site>.<...need proxy
    lol..yeah...i love the character arts and the system...too bad iizuki sensei not the one who draw

    in prettyxcation=/
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