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  • No. no party, it's the usual sterss in every year...>_>

    Notice: Thanks for your wishes to me...:goodtea:~>
    XMAS = Christmas... - And in the family...:dead:

    I see... Well, I wish then with your family/friends happy X-mas^^!
    Hmm, with me? Well, how should I this say.... OF COURSE DAMN TIRED BECAUSE OF THE XMAS PREPARATIONS!!! - Well, so am I currently, and with you...?:dead:
    :o ...awwh So so, it will be alright, here is your lolipop, ::pats your head:: Even though I'm sure your using my guilt against me

    But I just gave you my lolipop !! :rant:

    You just wanted my lolipop all along, Genki feel so used.

    Ah but you have fever you say !! In that case not even your tsun side can chase me away. Come here I must help you get better, Grabs tsundere and rolls in blankets :casserole:
    I will sweat the fever out, then you will just be completely deredere !

    p.s. your from Indonesia right ? And what does you location say, I can't read it. Only that it was something about visual novel, and :S
    Genki looks back :g
    Don't cry tsun ! ::hurries up and runs back::

    Ah, while thank Uu! So far it is :p

    Sure your not a tsuntsun ?-)
    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehehe y u teasing me !

    You sent me nude pics and deleted them :D

    Dang that tsun side stealing all the dere away from me.

    Sou Desu ka wa ! *( Working ...umh nope. I never knew what that is, and never will..hopefully, if I can get it my way.
    hey !! :cometry: I wanna see deleted message....

    hoh Hataraku Maou-sama looked quite, possibly interestingly...only did a quick search and peek.
    Only one I heard of is clanned, but haven't watched any of them.

    Am I playing eroge ? ~ well :j both yes and no~? I am not doing it right this second while talking too you, did I seem busy ? Nah just joking.
    However I am not doing it for the moment, but the thing is I barely even tried, so it's kinda weird for me to say, I'm just not atm, cause that would imply I've used too, and I never really got around . And yet, I would say that I am, I just haven't actually gotten around to doing it irl yet (playing ^^)

    So since I wouldn't mind doing it, I think I am in theory just not in practice..yet :S That is if you are more interested in my personality type or what I've actually done.
    I watched this yesterday :3
    Ore No Nounai Sentakushi Ga, Gakuen Lovecome O Zenryoku De Jama Shiteiru~
    Im expecting much from this anime xD
    Why this sad sound? You've nothing wrong made, where then there nothing to apologize is...:goodtea:~>

    Take it not all here seriously, okay?
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