What is your name?

My real name is John Paul (no, I won't tell my last name :P )
Two names taken from the bible.
I'm from the Philippines just so you know.
My main username is japespszx but sometimes I use Jonporu (japanese pronun. of John Paul) if I feel like it
my names perry since it comes from my chinese name which is pei yi and perry is sort of similar when u say it..?
My name is Daniel, like samy and many others I've seen so far its a biblical name, and it means something along the lines: God is my only Judge

In tandem with many angelic names it ends in "El"
and so on..

So, now I expose to you the mystery why Supermans Real name is Kal-El, now you know the connection.
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Daniel (whoa GenKi)

But most people online, regardless if they know my real name or not, call me Kionea. (Even my irl friends)
I`ve also gone by Danny, Dan, and Nicholas before, but generally, it`s Daniel.
i am usually called daniel
...somehow i feel awkward, posting my name, as i am kinda paranoid~

edit: neo made it even worse...
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...I've learned my lesson not to share my real name on the net, but I'll, at least, leave a clue.

It's a Javanese word, which holds the meaning of "shooting star."
Im miguel angel... i was named as the famous renaissance artist Michelangelo Buonarroti.
Folks expected big things of me, hahaha.
Wow this thread was dead for sometime.

My name is Albert, never been a big fan of it.
Never felt that is suited me.

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