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  • Good to hear. :3

    I wake up early sometimes to finish up my drawings and add some light touches... or I wake up to find my mother wanting me to try on some dresses. XD
    Yes... good mood... still pretty drowsy... woke up early. XD

    Hope everything is fine with you too. :)
    Great to see you enjoying yourself. :3

    Thank you for voting in the Chopsticks Tournament. It is very much appreciated. :)
    Hmm... I don't see the make an album or post pictures button in the control panel, so I'm not too sure either.

    However, it's great to know you enjoy being in the AS Community and willing post things. :)
    Thank you very much for the compliment. It really means a lot to me. :3

    You have an album in the graphics section? I didn't know. Perhaps I'll check it out. :)
    Really? You like it? I said it's nothing special because I only did a quick sketch with only a few details here and there.

    Must be because I consider quick sketches as something of my daily routine... XD

    Still need more practice with the tablet, but I love how I get to add layers and choose different mediums and brush strokes. Lots of fun. :3
    Skyrim was very fun, I stopped playing it cause well...I'm just a perfectionist, and there where some bugs, and I don't have a high tolerance for that, ...wait a second i gotta find some more touhou music while typing this or I will get sad...Actually I'm already a bit sad umh...but nevermind that lol I got my sake. where was I, yah skyrim can absorba huge amount of your time for hours, might not be ideal for you with school and all but for someone like me it was only a blessing, so that my days could disappear faster, since I sometime havhe too many hours in a day..I think, even though I seem to get so little done anyways....well heh I play on my pc, or at least WHEN I play, havent played in ages it feels like. All I do now a days is wonder about listening to music and thinking about things....But I'm very happy to have found this place, there is nothing so lonely than not finding like minded people...even if you are surrounded by people all day.
    Ahhh I'm sry to say I've never tried any of them :[ but but, I got invloved with games like skyrim and deusex you see....
    Oh well actually this day started out like be honest, Was a bad start, so I've been running around on the forums, and listening too some touhou arranges, now I'm just sitting here drinking some sake, and feel a bit lost. But I think the end of the day is turning out better than the start :)
    Oh was it YOURs :? xD I thought it was mine, in that case thank you.

    Thats very smart, I think I should start thanking myself too for my own friends requests from now on :D Nano desu!~
    Hi perry I would like to add you and maybe be your 3rd friend, cause 3 is always a charm, as long as its not the 3rd wheel on the carriage, I hate that.

    And maybe see how your windows tweaking moves along if you start with that.
    Oh... that would be very nice and lovely indeed.

    If it comes out blurry when you scan or take a picture, you can try to sharpen it later.

    I hope your drawing comes out well~ :3
    No problem. I like messages~

    Depending on the brand and model, yeah, they're pretty expensive.

    I will be drawing one soon and I'll show it to you... just don't tell Hideki because the drawing is meant for him. :)
    Thanks for the reply.

    Your day was pretty rainy... I always told myself despite the rain, there will always be a rainbow or a better day.

    The tablet is convenient and definitely lots of fun. I've gotten used to pencil and paper so the tablet is still pretty new to me.

    I do like how it's easier to add colors and layers as well as I don't need to scan or take photos of my pictures.

    May happiness come your way~ :3
    Hooray! Thanks again for dropping by.

    Windy and chilly here despite it being spring.

    School has been friendly to me. Nothing to worry about there.

    I haven't gotten used to the tablet I bought, but it's cool. I like it and will get the hang of it.

    Hope your day was full of sunshine... I'd like a little sun here just so I wouldn't need to wear layers. ^^
    Ah... well, do your best at school.

    Have a strawberry parfait to cheer you up~

    Oh... good to see you.

    Thanks for dropping by. Hope you have a nice day. Stay healthy and strong!
    Hooray! I'm glad you like the treat~

    <--- I forgot to mention. Your profile pic is really nice! :3
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