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  • Thanks for your efforts Lord Zero, of course I'll wait your contributions (of course Queen of heart 2001).
    You should give yourself more credit, my friend! Anyone who puts themselves through that has to have a commendable amount of dedication and tenacity. It's not easy trying to suppress the urge of wanting to share. Hell, even I felt discouraged midway, so I know how it feels. I'm just not sure what's worse though, the wait or the fact that the whole process is necessary these days x.x
    Hey there, I know this is none of my business but...I feel your pain about the whole uploader process. Just hang in there, ne? It'll be worth it when you finally get the freedom to share everything that you wanted for so long. (ノ^_^)ノ
    Next time, please always choose one of the option to contact staff, not all of them. I've replied to your thread.
    Um...My apologies for delay because I am using my little free times to watching Anime so I am not hanging around to check Moderation Queue, and it seems other Staff Team Members also have things to take care too, that is reasons, I guess ^^
    Ah I see, ofc. I think I might have been a bit, heated after being up for two days back when I read about it. thx for clearing that for me.And when it does imitate art, its only cooler, it gets a special status then, at least in my mind. Funny how I read the phrase "life imitating art" yesterday lol, same words yet I read it in my mind in a different way than now lol....so funny in retrospect.

    You got any tip in order to get flexible btw for those high kicks and splits ?

    Have a good day when you see this.
    NP :-} Though I honestly didn't quite understand completely what he meant by life imitating art....Maybe it's just bc I haven't slept any last night but. Perhaps you could help make it more easily understandable for me ?

    Also I totally agree...its those blue ones !! Thats also the ones I've seen and been exposed to the most if that could matter, or they just work the best anyway, I think maybe both. Thats just part of that magical design...in fact...I think because of this, I might actually have discovered what,...might be called my first real fetish or something as well, just as some other person says. Or maybe I just like it and its not a fetish I don't even know what it is or have become anymore.
    Well its my pleasure.

    Oh you meant no, no ,no don't come back I see, thank you for being so kind for staying away xD JK Well I might grab a coffee. Oh and btw. I envy you your martial arts training. You and your ...cousin wasn't it looked rly good. I try to strech btw in order to be able to do high kicks...maybe you can teach me how I should accomplish that if possible. I hope there are some tricks too it and not just very long and tedious endless work..
    An advice: having a Japanese OS doesn't guarantee that your games will work 100% of the time either. And I don't know. Try looking around some torrent sites, perhaps. Like TPB, KAT, etc. Or Google around.
    Will do, thanks for the add.

    I got a good 6-8 hours left until I sleep so I might drop by agian by then...who knows.
    Just thought I'd drop by here as a quick passing by and take a look before I left for today.

    Sent you a little something....
    How about Lord Zero, I have a request, I'm looking for a game Doujin called : The queen of battlers, can not find it anywhere and not even to buy it, I hope you do not mind my request. Thanks my buddy.
    Um...Actually, there is no exact date, Staff Team Members need times to overview your threads to see if you are really following rules or not, it will take times, depend on how good or bad your threads are ^^

    But my personal think it will not too long for you, your threads are better than average, even better than my template since I like simple one, it is my laziness to be honest :P
    Um...Other Staff Team Members also busy like I am, that is why no one take care Moderation Queue, they are all available just now ^^
    Um...I wonder what thread you are talking about ? All I see that Eternal Fighter and Akatsuki, maybe other Moderators already take care it :)

    Anyway, my congratulation and welcome you to join Uploader Group. You should know that I also upload Doujin Fighting game when I had come to Uploader World in 2007 ^_^

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