What game are you currently playing?

Still playing Dragon Age: Origins, and just bought Diablo III. Is Diablo III good?
^Either you get addicted or not. That's Diabio III. So try it and see which extreme you are.

I'm on Love, Election and Chocolate Visual Novel a while ago.
Final Fantasy XII
I've never play the series of Final Fantasy before.but It's good game
I want to play MGS4 and FF XIII-2 but I don't have a PS3 :(
You can play FF XIII-2 on the Xbox 360 as well ;D But there's no MGS4 for the Xbox 360, only the HD-Collection.
Want to get some .iso's for my psp but can't figure out how to install them :<

Currently playing Dragon's Dogma. The ending is pretty hard to accomplish gotta collect 20x Wakestones "/
Final Fantasy XIII
Heavy Rain
Super Streetfighter IV
Disgaea 3
Batman : Arkam Asylum
Mass Effect 2
I think I play about 10 games at the moment, tekken 3DS, kid Icarus, Kingdom heards DDD, SSF 4, Legend of link, DOA dimentions, minecraft and loats more.
Awesome to see the variety of games people are playing! Currently, I'm juggling between WOT, FFIX, Theatrhythm, and Rhythm Thief. Hoping to start P4A this weekend. =D
Im playing Kingdon Hearts Birth by Sleep and FFVII Crisis Core on my PSP ^^

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