Jumping into my BD collection, started with Railgun S....will probably move onto Shinmai Maou afterwards. Though I have a craving to rewatch Koi Choco after playing the game...
Nothing atm, but awaiting the new Gate Jitei and Dagashi Kashi...
Rewatched on BR: KanColle, No Game No Life, and Date A Live Director's Cut.

After the initial fan hype....i realized that KanColle really wasn't as good as I first thought. At first I just complained about the ending but in all it was just an average anime. Episode 6 was still pure justice though.

I played Date a Live side by side to the original BRs that was released to stop the difference. It was clear as day. Some episodes had a whole 5 minutes or more of extra content that really other than time issues for TV I don't get why it wasn't released with the first BRs.

Will probably dig through more BR waiting for the new season to start.
Watching Prison School now. Only on episode one, but it's hilarious so far.
Watching To-Love-Ru Darkness OVA's, getting ready for the bluerays to get fully released of season two.
Whoa.....so many all at once....well let's get this started.

Dagashi Kashi 01 - I've been following the manga so I knew what to expect, but......Hotaru and Saya totally blew me away! And You is stupidly funny!

Heavy Object 13 - More jealous Princess and blushing Commander....great episode. Qwenthur/Havia comedy team wasn't as big a hit this episode but that beginning scene lmao

GATE S2 01 - So happy to see this returned so fast! Not enough Rory but new characters have entered the fray! and We finally get to see the Harpy again!

Boku dake ga Inai Machi 01 - I don't know what it is about animes like this that intrigue me so much. The ending of this episode had me through the roof with excitement. I just hope there's more saving and less figuring out after the fact than other animes of the same genre.

Assassination Classroom S2 01 - This one blindsided me. I like how the whole episode was about people coupling up and no one noticed the two that were always together fufufufu.

ahhh, i want to watch the others right now but sadly I can not. More later!
GATE Season 02 Episode 01
Musaigen no Phantom World Episode 01
Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen Season 02 Episode 02
watching dagashi kashi,
Shoujo tachi xxx too long :V

but i like that shoujo tachi xxx, the story is good
hai to gensou no grimgar 1..... .hack/sao mk 2?

musaigen no phantom world 1...boing boing:o_O:

saijaku muhai no bahamut 1...what's this, another infinite stratos:rolleyes:

dagashi kashi 1...saya is qt

gate season 2 1...yaooo:o_O:
With a new semester starting up, I'm back to my old habits of taking spares to watch some anime (at least at the beginning before everything takes off).

I completed Shinsekai Yori today (yes, I am a tad bit behind in watching anime, though I'll have you know I only have a few left I plan to watch for 2013 shows!). It was decent. Good, even, but for some pretty serious problems. Part of the reason I even have problems with it is because it was otherwise a good anime, but a few things really hampered my enjoyment of it.

I think one of the glaring problems of this series is that the main character has no motivation: she doesn't really do anything, or ever feel the need to do much of anything. She lacks agency. It's a little hard to get behind someone who doesn't have any goals, and it's much harder to tell what to expect from the show/plot when the character is just drifting along. The show more or less labels this part of her as her "strength", trying to frame it in some strange way. I think I could much more succinctly sum up what they were going for with something like "she is quick to accept the reality she finds herself in." In a way she acts as the quintessential "sheep", as she generally uses this trait to go "this is just how the world is so I might as well go along with the flow."

No, dammit. Try to change something. Realize that something needs changing and try to change it.
At the very end they make it look like she's going to start pushing for positive change in the future, but it's really hard to take seriously. We've just spent 25 episodes seeing her not change anything, nor trying to, and just blithely accepting whatever reality comes her way.

The other thing was that I just hated the ending. It pissed me right off. For all that she doesn't really have any goals, I would say Saki fails pretty absolutely. She fails at achieving anything that would make me feel like the ending could have had a positive spin (coupled with the bit above, which pretty much ruins the small positive spin they tried to force on me).
Pairing Saki with Satoru at the end just felt like a slap to the face. They had a specific incident showing how she was resisting their DNA makeup to start doing the sex during stress with her and Satoru, and seemed to pretty firmly establish that she would only be paired with him because of that stress. And what happens at the end? They end up together: her and the only person from her original group left alive, in a situation where she no doubt feels lost and stressed and a little alone. This just reeks of her falling completely back into her "I should just do whatever I'm supposed to do" attitude rather than making any real progress, and helps to reinforce that I don't think anything will actually get better for her or humanity.

It just puts such a foul taste in my mouth.

Other things were more minor. They had a bad tendency to not show any of the character developments until they reached some crucial point, which is pretty bad storytelling. For a non-spoilery example of something minor near the start, the thing with Saki knowing Satoru's mantra is just weird. There's no reason they couldn't have shown that in an earlier episode as a side thing that became important later. That way we could follow a logical series of events and the story makes sense, not just pull random flashbacks out of nowhere to retcon what we know about the situation. For a setting that already relies on unreliable memories of the protagonists, things like this are pretty poor. It also is used for some pretty darn important stuff later on.

Other than that it mostly just had some pacing issues, and some of the "style" of the episodes didn't fit together very neatly.

This really is one of those cases where the show was okay, but was so close to great that it leaves me much more disappointed. The whole silver is more disappointing than bronze thing I suppose.

After the ending of Shinsekai Yori had left me pissed off, I was fortunate to have time to watch Steamboy. Steamboy was delightful. It does a very nice job of the steam-punk genre, it has a rather straightforward but workable plot, and decent (if perhaps slightly bland) characters. The plot itself gets a little ridiculous, but since the framing is as a whimsical kid's movie, that doesn't really work against it. It also had some really cool ideas, and I felt like most of the plot devices were actually quite neat.
rewatching Honey X Honey drops...the anime was way toooo short but the manga was nice & sweet..

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