The Wrong Answers to the World's Questions.

Carpenter's planes are used to level wood. I guess they could level air, so check a carpenter's workshop.

Where do teddy bears have their picnic?
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That brings up a good health tip. When I have trouble making a nuke, I just take an overnight laxative.

Works great!

Harry Potter vs Iron Man... who wins?
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you mean tomb as tomb raider and lara's big bewbs?

why people can't have hyper sensitive censors over their minds?
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Go directly to the source. The wheel was invented by Ooolamog in the Neolithic period.

He can carve you up a couple of nice ones in a few weeks, and it'll only cost you a goat and two chickens.

Where's Waldo?
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Oh yeah, I've seen those giant beach balls!

Better use an air pump.

Why is gas cheaper?
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Because i have made black deal under the table to be so cheap....

Why i can't go back to time...?
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Because you do not have a DeLorean.

Chain mail armor or air mail armor?
mail armor... hand made with raw steel

a clayomre sword or a katana sword?
The cellar where they keep the Detroit Lions Superbowl trophies. :chuuni_bwaaah:

What is closer than two peas in a pod?
Pizza equates into fitness.


What is Howdy Doody time?
The one which involves myself and other people.
I love the dark, it holds many secrets...

Do you also live in darkness?
Do I live in Darkness? No, I live in a different city entirely.

What is the most powerful video game weapon?
The washing machine deco from splatoon.

How many slimeballs make an annoyance?
Ahhhhhh, math! This one is easy!

1 slimeball is equal to 3.6 pimplepusses
The square of the pimplepusses is equal to the cosine of the dingleberries angle of dissonance.
1 annoyance is equal to the ratio of dibgleberries to length of the "Ahhh's" used in any particular response, in millimeters.

Therefore, through simple substitution, the solution is, 1 annoyance eqoals 2.17932 slimeballs. :diploma:

Why red balloons?

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