New youtube format sucks !


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Feb 24, 2012
yes it's "that thread" again. every time youtube changes its format someone will always open a thread to complain about it, and this time I am that guy.

last one really grew on me because it shows the new videos grouped by the channels I subscribed. now it's not even grouped together any more, just sorted by upload time. youtube managed to make the page look more crowded while showing less content! even the browse changed quite much by enlarging the thumbnails in each category so that you have to scroll more to look through categories.

I don't have any images of old sites right now, but so far their facebook page is getting rocked pretty hard for the format change. youtube always seem to introduce some bad formatting and then had to spend time fix them because of all the complaints they are getting. I thought major websites hire designers who studied formatting efficiency and style and then ask public opinion for feedbacks before pushing out new designs, but so far all I see is unnecessary style upgrade at the expense of usage efficiency. I think the new formatting even loads slower than the last one.

don't fix it if it's not broken. they should have just updated the style but keep the formatting the same.
I don't like anything about what Google has done to Youtube. Next thing you know, they'll want to verify our identities with social security numbers/drivers license numbers! They've been pushing and pushing to unite my accounts with my real identity, and to form all this together. For one who wishes to remain relatively anonymous on the internets, this is a real assault on my trust of Google. That's one of the golden things of the internet -- anonymity, being able to choose who know what and when. destroying that -- that would open up a Pandora box of problems. More problems than positives, i'd say.
Hmm... i didnt like how the last one didnt show meh what videos i had already watched? So when the related videos off to the side started to show some purple, it was a pleasant surprise... But i barely use anything else on youtube so idk how much other changes there were...
To be honest i dont use youtube that much. I agree in that the home page its
hard to understand. The new facebook looks weird as well, but i never use my home page
there either.
There's a lot of changes and innovation. Be it bad or good. Whether it had a positive effect is another topic altogether. I feel that their true interests are starting to show though after they are trying to link with what you're doing on the net with targeted advertising or something just as bad.

Though it may sound good to have things freshen up with every new change. I just feel sometimes there's no practicability with the changes. I like things to be more practical than stylish. That's just my thoughts though.
Personally I dont really mind it. But going to my inbox is quite complicated.
What I still don't understand is why do you all need to sign in to youtube? Do the new format changes affect the useability in anyway?

It's like you guys are still trying to finish that epic and forever taking quest of trying to find boobs on youtube. Of course you gotta sign into your account to watch those videos. I don't see how the new youtube format changes that though... If you have to sign into youtube to watch a video then it's time to find another video sharing site. -_-;
What I still don't understand is why do you all need to sign in to youtube? Do the new format changes affect the useability in anyway?

You don't sign in to YouTube? I use an account to organize content, so I can see who has uploaded new videos. I also use it so that I can comment and leave feedback on videos, and then navigate to responses I get (which is now MUCH harder that they have hidden their inbox so damn well). I also use an account to sometimes post videos.

If you only go on YouTube to watch some random videos every now and then I guess not having an account is fine... but otherwise using YouTube without an account is doing it wrong.
I'm like the anti to that statement dude. :P

I don't much care for youtube. The only reason why I would have an account for that site would be to start a massive flame war with all the idiots that roam on that site.

Which is really entertaining.
I truly hate youtube for asking me about my account with their popup...I told them a dozen times already nOOO I don't want to merge and I don't want to tell you why. Just stop interrupting me while I try to type a msg.

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