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    Hi !!!!
    Can we make friend
    My name is coacoa - a member of ASF
    Nice to see you here, thank you for the friend add. I also like your screenname here.
    i have a question my friend wants to know what happens if people share megaupload accounts
    Dear Tsubame luv ur work> btw what is the password for opening the rar file of ur movie?? be coz i wanna extract it and it needs password. and i see no password written in ur post.. kindly regards thxx

    sorry 4 spamming ur visitor messages... coz my pc rather lag so it spammed....
    Hi Tsubame~

    Thanks a lot for the patch. No problems~ I had the game backlog'ed.

    Thanks~ :)
    ಠ_ಠ Enzai (False Charge) ಠ_ಠ
    ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ
    You really are getting in to this genre aren't you??
    I like YURI .. When i watch them go i'm like.... surely they know they need me in there right?
    Think about it... finding yourself in between a YURI-couple!!
    but YAOI............?!@#$%^&*?
    I tend to envision my self in most if not all these scenarios and on no occasion did i see myself in a YAOI scenario! Σ(゜д゜!)
    YAOI is a no go for me!!!
    Legend of the Blue Wolves (Legend of Four Horsemen)!!!!!!!!


    I haven't watched it yet but early signs scream yaoi! Srsly Tsubame?
    No problem.
    The game's nice but the BGM just taunt me, that's all. LOL
    Can't hear the girls' moanings with all the bracket on the background. :P
    Hello Tsubame,
    Am looking for Baldr Sky Dive~ VN, do you know of anywhere i can get it? the translated version that is?
    Yesh, I mean something like that. But you can download all Links in 1 file, the files are still in seperate Links ^^.
    Usually, when you Download something, you have to click the Link, and then wait 30/45/60/90 Seconds, enter Captcha and then only you can download [1 File]. This is rather troublesome with 50 or so Links (Like Seikon no Qwaser with all them Specials) and so there are download tools where you can just put all Links into at once or a Container file (containing all the links) and it downloads the files and enters Captcha for you.

    But it's true that I am not fond of my explanation skills, so don't mind me if you don't understand.
    eh sorry, salah baca tadi..
    kirain Princess Lover! ahahaha...
    gampang kok patchnya (seingat gw*).
    yaaa.. lg doyan MILF. :p
    Soukah~ ^^; w males pake AGTH combo, ribet & bikin lama >_>"
    Emang PW ada anime nya ya? O_o
    Tears to Tiara w uda punya & uda tamat, Big Bang Age baru mo donlod... Chaos;HeAd... patch nya gagal mulu >_____>" pusink w.
    Ah iy, Canvas... ntu w tau ENG patch nya bru keluar... Da Capo ada ENG patch nya g ya? O-o
    Wuakaka MILF mania xD w doyannya loli sih =w=b
    ..... O__________O"
    *is speechless*
    Gileeee banyak bangiiiir :O maeninnya pake AGTH + Atlas combo ya?
    Gw skrg uda jarang nonton anime ^^; skrg lagi ngebet maen Princess Waltz sama Sengoku Rance, soalnya w cuman maenin VN yg uda ada ENG patch nya~
    Btw bisa rekomendasiin gw ga bro? :D VN yg ada gameplaynya *ga cuman asal baca doang
    Nda, ID nya beda. ID w di Kaskus ama IDWS = FaktorFace xD
    Ohooo~ :D
    Uda main/nonton apa aja bro?
    Forum Indo paling cuman Kaskus sama IDWS... tapi kalo forum inter, banyak :P
    Tau banyak neh kayaknya xD doyan nonton anime? Baca VN?
    asdasd sial mantra gagal >.>
    Bukan siapa2... cuman kawan sesama nubi yg pingin kenalan :P
    wakaka ga nyangka AS belom2 uda kebanjiran ama org indo~
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