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  • Ohhhh..
    Did you come to SG and study before? o_o
    Yeah better graphics, faster game, faster exp, faster gold, faster movement speed >_>
    Hmm, why do many Indo people go to SG school? o_o
    Ohhh, so you do play HON too.
    But HON is a faster version of dota.
    Dota is like slowwwwwwww~
    Oh Indo
    I've got a few indo friends in SG too ^^
    So you play dota right? (:
    Yup cute and lovely~
    I'm sure you can make many friends here ^^
    Umm, i'm from SG .
    What about Tsutsu? :D
    You see, I'm the person who look at love as how much you can offer to that person and how happy you could make that person instead of making him/her your property.
    I mean making them your property isn't love anymore, is just some selfish thought
    I view the love very seriously.
    I'll see whether she want to be my friend, getting to know her is good enough. If she loves me, even better, I'll love and die for her any day, even if we're not lover I'll die for her any day. I'll try to make her the happiest girl ever with the best of my ability and love her until my memory will let me
    Hope you don't mind Nemu adding you as a friend ^^
    Nice to meet ya too~
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