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  • Well, I play on emulators so I can't really trade with others so I'll have to choose 1 of them unless I cheat the other one which I don't see a reason to do since I despise Zekrom. Gold/Silver could get both Ho-oh and Lugia with the only difference being their lvls and how early you could get them.

    I'm too lazy to waste cash on a 3DS, especially since I only want a single game to it. Yes, I'm looking at you HeartGold.
    Gen V also had a rather boring world :/ It kinda felt like walking on a straight line... and it didn't have many point of interests either...

    I personally like White 2 better than Black. I like Reshiram more than Zekrom (animal looking vs robot looking) and that's why I ended up playing Black and White 2.

    I don't mind if they make the animation better, I only want it to be as fast as it was before. The biggest thing I rage about right now is that the pokémon get sent out in the air so it has to land and show how much it weight before you even can start the battle.
    Actually I don't :/ Yeah, I might look forward to some stuff like new moves and hopefully a new type. I didn't like alot of things in gen V. The new pokémon wasn't fun and some of them looks ridiculous and I'm absolutely not referring to Mr. Ice Cone.

    I like that there was new moves even though most new moves was signature moves especially the Ice and Fire moves. 5 out of 11 Fire type moves was signature moves (6 moves if you count Fire Pledge which is a starter pokémon only move). 3 out of 5 Ice type moves was also signature moves (4 moves if you count Icicle Crash who only 3 pokemon can learn)...

    Please gen VI, create moves that many pokémon can use... not only moves that legendary pokémon who already are overpowered can use. I have to admit that gen V made it god damn brilliant to re-use TMs how many times you want to. I don't like the 3D thing in pokemon though. When gen IV came out the battles got alot slower because of what? "Cooler" animations? Hell, I was satisfied with gen III's animation and those battles went WAY faster. Battles in gen VI will probably take ages to finish because of all the 3D crap :/
    Yeah, it's just good that they can't do that anymore :/ It was extremely annoying >_> I'm not looking forward to gen VI...
    Huh? I never had that trouble myself :/ Not in Red at least... A certain level 70 Psychic type legendary pokémon dodged all my Ultra Balls in Yellow though... Annoying :/
    Nostalgia is fine too <3 My favorite pokemon in generation I was Sandshrew :3
    my favourite poison typ?
    That would be Arbok and Weezing,they made my childhood days :)
    Okay, I don't understand what's so good with legendary pokémon... They make everything so easy... I only like Ho-oh out of all legendary ones because it's so beautiful :/

    Well, I don't mind Ninetales either except that you have to level up Vulpix alot before evolving it if you want any good moves :P
    Do you have a favorite Poison type as well? ^^
    Okay ^^ Have to admit that Dark is pretty high in my list as well :P Do you have any favorite pokémon of Dark and Psychic types? *desperately trying to narrow it down*

    My favorite Dark type would obviously be Crawdaunt and my favorite Psychic type would be... hmm... Slowbro because of it's tankyness ^^
    Favorite pokemon of Fire and Poison types would be Magcargo and Ariados/Whirlipede. I can't choose only one out of those two.

    But it all depends. I could name every single favorite pokemon I have of each type in every generation xD
    Ah, I see... but do you have a favorite type then? My favorite type would be Fire and Poison comes extremely close as a 2nd place. My favorite pokémon has to be Crawdaunt even though he has nothing to do with my favorite types xD
    Yo, Shiri-chan. Just thought that I could ask you which one your favorite pokémon would be if you got one.
    Okay, da lasse ich mich nicht zweimal sagen...:runhappy:

    ...Okay, was gibt's bei dir so heute...?:goodtea:~>
    hey inorix did anything happen? i see nazaka has been nocked out and sky well left and is no trpped
    it is, you should join, its great to meet and befriend new people and have fun with others
    this all about the game on this link

    u might have seen mafia game 4 thread and it was just finished about a week ago, i played that one and i was 1 of 2 winners and people left standing

    the theme was the anime called shiki (vampire in a way). i was human but truned into one, sintarow was the leader and when he died i took his place as leader.

    how the game works if ur mafia, at night u message the host what u want to do and if u want to kill somebody, if ur civlian u vote someone during the day who u think might be a mafia.

    i hope this helps a bit but if u have any questions ill try my best to answer them
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