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  • Depends. I guess that it counts as piracy if you play games that you can't prove that you own yourself. But except for that there's no problems. Playing on an emulator doesn't give me the same feeling as when I was younger but meh. That's the only way for me to play the games unless I buy a new SNES which probably will be hard as hell to find :/
    Well, I can't remember everything so I'll let that memory go away, it isn't as necessary as the rest of my memories :P Nope, I can't do anything about it ^^ It just disappears because of how useless it is xD

    Too bad that my computer have to live through alot :/ My SNES broke and I have to play those games with an emulator now :deadsad:
    Well, I guess xD But it ain't my fault if it just erases itself from my memory, right? ;p
    I guess I will do the same automatically and forget entirely about cleaning it xD That's what I've done the last 3 years xD
    Haha, it feels like a waste to go through all that when school finally is over for the week :P I'll clean it when the summer break comes xD

    I guess that you feel the same then xD
    Yeah, literally xD Or I don't really know if I should call it "lazy" :/ It's more like "I'll do it when the weekend comes." but then I'll prefer to waste time on playing instead of cleaning it since it's weekend after all xD
    Yeah, I also have to clean my computer on the inside as well. It's rather slow now and I haven't cleaned it in like 3 years xD
    Alright, just don't forget about it. I guess that I also should delete some stuff on my computer... I got alot of crap on it :/
    Than I got no clue whatsoever :deadsad: If you're desperate you could always try an emulator :/
    I can't seem to find any information about that kind of problem :/ So I can't help you there since I haven't experienced it myself. I could just guess that the battery is dry or something. Have you checked yet if the clock in-game still follows the irl clock?
    What if you don't save there and try to save after the 2nd elite 4 trainer instead?
    Okay. Do you know if your clock in-game keeps up with irl time? How many times have you tried to save after the first trainer in Elite 4?
    Strange, I've never seen that happen to my game at least :/ Is it only after the first Elite 4 battle or is it earlier as well that you've learned to avoid?
    How often does it happen? Can you save a game and then pull out the cartridge and reinsert it without losing your save? Or can't you save at all?
    Huh? How did you manage to do that? :/ Was the game new or had someone else used it first? Are you sure that it isn't the battery that have run dry? Because it won't tell you that in Gold/Silver/Crystal as it does in Sapphire/Ruby/emerald. It will just erase your save file.

    If you're desperate to play it you can always use an emulator for that. GBA emulators are better than the DS emulators anyways.

    EDIT: Having company. Don't expect a quick answer.
    I still liked Gen II more than Gen I even though I started with it. Main reasons? Gen I had alot of stuff that felt unfinished or cheap in general.

    1. Box system had to be changed manually or else you couldn't capture pokémon.

    2. The status screen had no "previous screen" button.

    3. "Special" was both Special Attack and Special Defense which made glasscannon like characters (Alakazam for example) overpowered.

    4. Psychic had no weakness whatsoever except against Psychic itself and the only thing that was good against Psychic was Bug type and only 8 pokémon could learn Bug moves and 5 of those was also weak to Psychic themselves.

    I can probably figure out more stuff if I get more time, but still. Gen II had none of those problems and it also had postgame content compared to ALL other games...
    Yeah, but Red got lower lvls in Gold/Silver/Crystal. His Pikachu is only lvl 81 and that's his highest lvled pokémon. I managed to solo him with a lvl 91 Dragonite named Vera :3 Hmm, minigames?
    Yup, I use emulators. I only got 1 problem with it though...

    And here comes the problem. HeartGold and SoulSilver are the only DS games that got anti-piracy. In other words... it freezes after around 20 trainer battles. Thay have fixed all other problems (like blackscreen) but this haven't been fixed yet. And I'm seriously wondering if I should waste cash on a 3DS and HeartGold or if I should ignore it. Gold is my favorite pokémon game and they made an updated version of it with pokémon that run after you, more TMs, more moves, more pokémon in general. It's awesome! I still rage about the slow battles though... but that's a DS problem and it works to look past because it's pokémon Gold god damn it! *hype*
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