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  • Colors look like me ! Its like looking at my own soul wow.

    Reminds me of a time long ago, my very roots. Thx for inadvertently helping me remember my true colors! A gift for my journey.
    Green is my fav color ! I tried myself but you pulled it off.

    This is just in case I can't find time to finish talking with you, Take care.
    Hey.. you're not bother me at all XD
    i guess i'll make an account for it :3
    I'm fine like all ways :D!
    You lost your internet for yesterday :o_O:?
    So what did you do to kill your time during the internet breaking moment :)?
    so hideki:evillaugh:......yo how's it going??i wonder whats with the sudden joining and leaving??
    I enjoy my time with you and you've resonated deeply within my heart as well.

    I find myself at peace at times with you.

    Thank you for that~
    Welcome back then~

    Your poetry flowed nicely and spoke of many endearments.

    The tone was gentle and the mood held slight melancholy in yet displayed a strength of warmth.

    I'm not quite sure if you were thinking too much or not while writing, but some parts showed much consideration.

    Although, thought and rhyming scheme do matter for most poetry. Still, sometimes it's best to let loose and write what comes to mind.

    Overall, you wrote from your heart. Your words and emotions were felt. That is more than enough. Well done.
    I love you as well~

    Please come back smiling and may your grandmother be well today.
    Aye, as long as my net will work ofc xD

    i usualy get on in these hours but not always~
    Oh i see

    i thought that Davroc requested his sigs too though... not sure ... too sleepy to remeber xD
    Thanks for caring :bigeyes:

    Actually i already said what i think about it before i saw your ms xD

    from who you requested it the sig btw? Decalcomania? :reallyconfused:
    Kinda sleepy and sad...
    i have some stuff i want to do but i too sleepy to do them atm xD, also i have issues with my ISP today and i need to wait for them to fix it....

    and i order some stuff that still not arrive, but that not really something to be sad about xD
    it just that it all gather together i guess :3
    Hi there Hideki-kun ^_^

    sorry for reply so late, don't notice your MS >.<

    how you been today?
    Haha... I just feel very comfortable chatting with you. That's why I thank you.

    Pertaining to your question, I have talked about it and discussed it many times even as a child.

    There are times in which we must attend certain places to 'uphold appearances' and there are times in which those close to us have personally invited us.

    I got out of a few of them, but sometimes... those social events are the few times we come together as a family. Maybe not a big, happy family, but a family nonetheless.

    My father was a 'playboy' in his youth and even now, he doesn't mind looking at other ladies. He loves my mother, but he likes to spend his evenings and nights with friends most of the time.

    He's smart and kind... I discuss many things with him, but even to this day, he still doesn't know much about my likes or dislikes no matter how many times I mentioned them. ^^;; Haha...

    I would love to see the Northern Lights. It's one of the things I am fascinated with since I was a child. It will be wonderful to share that moment with you.
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