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  • Hello there~

    I missed you as well. I feel much warmth every time you leave a message.

    Hmm... thank you for your lending an ear to listen.

    I suppose it's best to say that even I become tired of being a dutiful daughter while being a lady almost 24/7 even at home.

    Going to those social gatherings and taking care of my mother while my father 'goes out' to do as he pleases... irks me.

    I vent most of my frustration in my journals and calm my mind to ease any stress.

    Although, chatting with you or anyone else has liven my mood as well.

    So, thank you for that.
    Thank you for the chat.

    You've been very kind. I'm glad to have met you. ^^

    Take care. Bye-bye for now~
    First reason: I saw Shiki and Ein did it and wanted to try

    Second reason: To decrease the amount of people trying to message/mention me

    Third reason: Lurking around proves useful to read backlog, VMs/PMs, and other posts without much hindrance in case people want to do 'reason 2 above'

    I haven't spammed or chatted as much due to me being busy with some family issues and the amount of messages I received.

    I try to come by once in awhile...

    Still good to see you though.
    *cuddles closer*

    You make the cutest sounds~ ^^

    Your voice is nice as well.

    Nyaa Nyaa~
    Hideki huggles too? :3

    I guess I can try huggling.

    *huggles and pets Hideki's head*
    Does it really bring luck?

    *kisses Hideki's forehead*

    I wonder if it'll work~ ^^

    *kisses again to make sure*
    Hideki~ :3

    /me hugs Hideki and makes 'cat' sounds Nyaa~

    Nero seems to like my 'cat' sounds. ^^

    Wonderful avatar and signature... It suits you~
    Yoo, Hideki-san.. I forgot to add you as a fiend... egh!?.. Friend...

    I'm going to sleep now.. so nights....
    I am just a random lurker now
    Not sure if I will spam again, but i am still going to drop by from time to time
    So you will see me, sooner or later :bigeyes:
    Hey there Hideki :XD:
    Welcome back from your vacation
    I heard you were gone for a while
    Did you enjoy yourself?
    Haha... changing topics is fine.

    You can leave a message for DavRoc777 or Decalcomania or even Ein if he comes.

    For picking such a character, he dies suit you~ I can imagine you cosplaying~ ^^

    Okay then... sorry to depart. I shall take my leave~ Bye-bye~ /me hugs Hideki once more
    PM is also a good choice since it'll arrive in his email address's inbox.

    Do what you feel is right~

    You'll know what to do. ^^
    You can always leave a message. It wouldn't hurt to type a few words to him.

    I remember seeing him pop up around the forums last month when unown left a VM for him.
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