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  • after that 6 month you gonna have another 3 month of summer holiday arent cha??, Easter holiday coming up as well
    I'm good as always, with a lil bit of deadline as well as dead body to be ready of course :laughpanda::laughpanda::laughpanda::laughpanda:

    I very much advice Chiru play Ken ga Kimi :lovestruck: OMG if i ramble about it it gonna take days ( sadly i can only understand some of the conversation, if i do it fully then .... )
    The order of playing will be Kei/ Sakyou- Saneaki-Enishi-Tsuzumaru for last!

    If you're talking about new otome i would advise you to play an extremely EXTREMELY idiotically and hilariously -8:lol: and Shinobi, koi utsutsu <--- i laugh really hard on this one:menft: though it a bit shorter than -8, these two are great for stress relieve

    Hanasaku Manimani a lil bit of JP history though it not really my forth, it still fun playing

    I EXTREMELY LOOKING FORWARD TO DOUBLE SCORE that release in 26th MARCH, MARGINAL#4 REJETTTT ( these two are my main target :hapgirl::desire: ) Oh! and Lip On My Prince, OZ drama CD as well :bigeyes::blushing::romeo:, this where i though this year, i extremely hate rejet!!! :alopro::swearveng::runhappy:

    Don't worry, you will catch up soon and get PLENTY of rest, it suck to be stuck inside the hospital all day:sowwy:
    Yes, I have low blood pressure too, that's why I get dizzy easily.
    Vertigo + anemia = perfect
    The vertigo isn't come so often, but when it comes it does hurt much, I can't even move my head since it would be painful.
    Like everything is moving and my head is getting hit by hammer several times just by moving my head to the left/right T^T

    Well, as long as you're all right, then there should be no problem ^^
    You still can download ALL the games you missed so far, the links are active, and Jezebel has uploaded Ken ga Kimi~
    So don't worry~
    Yeph, Ataraxia is busy, and I don't think anyone will get answer for the PM though T^T
    Also, I got kicked from the group too.
    But I was invited again, thankfully.
    Anyway, it wasn't because you weren't inactive for 2 months, but a lot of members were kicked, and she added ONLY a few, really few.
    So don't blame yourself.
    Yesh D: Because the bus/train schedules fail at the time my classes let out T~T The first day of class i had no idea how horrible it was so i stood around for 40 minutes waiting for the bus and then it sat around at the bus stop for 6 minutes (almost taunting really since the 6 minutes is when the train leaves...) and then i found out that theres only one train per hour at that point so... 55 minutes of sitting around... :dead: Thats why i just walk now... 20 minutes of walking so i can get home 2 hrs earlier @_@ Train takes an hour and half to get home as it is... And now theres rain T~T
    Lol i dont like rain either xD Well... i like light rain actually..~ And if im indoors =w= Then i can listen to the rain and its semi calming?..~

    Ehh... O.o Guess youre just going to be following then... well youre in for a tour of the crime scene then... xD
    ouchie that extremeely bad luck, you should have rest more!!!:neardead:
    My parents are doctor so i know how much it hurt to get sick by mosquito
    but now you are a live that's a relieve. Be ENERGIZED and POSSITIVE
    i know how you feel once started in uni *dead over here as well* :dead:

    BTW if you are a fan of rejet then there is a lot comming now this year, this is my only way of thinking to encourage chiru, im sorry T^T
    I'm glad that you're fine now.
    I hope you'll recover to the full health soon ^^
    It's nice to have you back to this forum!!
    It's sad about the college, but your health comes first.
    I hope something good will happen to you after this all tragedy~

    Anyway, it's not important.
    I just fainted at the office, because my vertigo went back =__=
    I caused a ruckus and everyone were panicked.
    I should be hospitalized for 2 days, but I declined and went home that afternoon.
    I'm mostly fine now, as long as I keep consuming sugar to prevent the vertigo.
    /me sets up an electric thingy and mosquito incense D:
    Hmm... im in a more... not sure but this is by the coast xD I would see the ocean if there wasnt tons of trees and a cliff =w=
    Rainy season... /me has 20 minute walks from school to the train station... ears are usually red and hurts by the time i get there @_@ Rain.. oh the joy... thats sure to help...

    Pitiful? xD How so? You could continue following "daichi" around if you want =w= Unless you want to go off elsewhere xD Though i doubt itll make much difference either way..~ Seems a lot of stuff happened to you though... @_@ One of the two unlucky players atm.. third possibly died already so no more bad luck there... =w=
    Hmm... im not sure if we have that here @_@ I only see the occasional mosquito cuz i think my place is too cold xD Or far from the forest... =w=

    Lol hmm... oh wait i shouldnt say that... /me deletes a chunk =w= But yeah youre alive and running around places xD Currently following someone around~ Not everyone is killing so... sova is making stuff happen =w=
    Scarlet fever O.o Because of the injury? o.O

    Well its good that your better x3 Sova is going nuts with your character =w= Care to take control back so he stops trying to kill everyone? xD
    Hello! Hello!
    How long have you been in the hospital?
    Are you okay?
    Was it that bad, the accident?

    I was hospitalized to 2 weeks ago, but I'm fine actually.
    OMG!!! Are you okay now??
    Been a long time not hear anything from you.
    I never expected you had an accident >__<
    Sorry to hear that.....
    Thank you for your wishes!
    I hope you're back to your best health!
    :eathead: What, did you your arm broken, and had a accident (Fu**!!! The old year has then "good" from your greeted)? - I hope that with you all OK is...:deadsad:
    Lol its fine~ Just reply whenever~ I dont particularly mind late replies...~

    Hmm... a decisive vote ;p Maybe =w= Or part of the decisive ones i guess =w= Hmm... How did you make it? xD
    Happy new year, Chiru-chan!!!
    And a healthy and peaceful year for you and your family!!!
    ヽ@(^ェ^*)@ノ☆.。.:*・゜☆HAPPY NEW YEAR☆゜・*:.。.☆ヽ@(*^ェ^)@ノ
    Wish this year will bring happiness and love to you!

    Been a long time since our last chat! T__T
    I hope you are not forcing yourself.
    Your health comes first ^^
    You wons~ xD Congrats~
    Sorry for the late reply! I've been busy recently and it'll probably go on..and on....:S
    XD I know.. But, do yaoi manga have good stories?
    Hm.. I don't know much about josei mangakas..
    :S :S :S Moving on..>_>

    So, it was just incomplete/ a cliff-hanger? :)

    XD I like Robin too~
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