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  • And so is Naruto...T_T Too many fillers..

    XD Too many girls love Levi!! I wonder why that is.. tte, of course I know why that is! XD XD But I'm not the fangirl type.. I respect Levi.. :samuraihero:

    I know, I'm planning on watching Naruto in the far, far future..:D But I do intend to watch it! (I kind of watched a few episodes and am planning to continue next year xD) I love Naruto much more than Sasuke and I haven't even gone deeper into the story yet. :/

    Sometimes when I got bored but didn't have enough time to start new long manga, I used to read short shoujo manga (short manga in general).. I regretted it.. No consistency, no development, and no plot in the first place!! xD But, okay, that's to be expected since those manga were short. (I don't even remember their names)
    Some others, whose name I don't remember either xD (my memory sucks, and I haven't read manga for a while), started out with great art and a great plot, but the final chapters were either so rushed and incomplete or just plain crappy. T_T And others just lost their way in the middle..
    And, since I like to admire art, I hate it when the mangaka's style worsens or becomes inconsistent..
    I'm sorry I can't remember any names..:S

    :runhappy: Don't like to be called oneesama? Chiru it is, then~ :happywhistle:

    B-but, that part was so good!! It was all in place and...and... Gaawh it was just awesome, okay?:crushed: *being emotional* No, really, that was my favourite arc in the whole anime. :3 I love Shirohige.. I just love this man.. :happytears:

    Ah yes, I had him in mind when I registered :D I also had some other Vivis in mind~ :3
    Ah, I've had such experiences too.. :sigh: Not just with series, but in anime and manga as well.. Especially in manga..>_>

    I was just about to mention Bleach! xD I know a lot of people who dislike Bleach now because of that!
    Well, what can you do, you've already gone that far, it wouldn't be easy to just drop the anime.. (-_-) I've been there, oneechan..

    Ah, right! What should I call you? :3 Aneki (XD), neechan, oneesan, oneechan, oneesama, chiru, something else entirely, whatever you choose, sis. :D

    Btw, do you watch One Piece?
    :D I see~~

    So you're not that into it anymore because it's not as scary as before? xD Oh well, it also seems the story isn't as absorbing, from what you said..
    Somehow many of those series nowadays end up including demons and angels in the story..
    I hate that feeling..when you love a series and it turns bad, or loses its..feel , you know?

    Ah, fishing... I used to do that with my father long ago.. Natsukashii~~~ =ω=
    Okaay~~ :3 Ah yes I heard about that too..~
    Speaking of Sherlock, you've watched the Sherlock Holmes movie, right? I liked it~ :happywhistle:

    Weirder? How? xD

    XD Cheap or not, I don't know why I haven't gone there for all that time.. Maybe there weren't really any movies that interested me that much. :/

    (Worms are even more disgusting to me than cockroaches :S The way they crawl..:S and how there's so many of them...:S >< )
    Oh, Sherlock! A friend also recommended it to me. XD And a lot of my friends watch Supernatural. Is it really that good?

    I started watching One Piece when it had already had over 400 episodes..XD It was special..~~ :fulfilled:

    I don't think I've gone to the movies since last year...:sigh: I've spent all my time on the computer...

    I don't find those the least bit funny..:loseoil: It's good that you do though.. Makes it easier to watch. xD
    CHIUUU MY MOTHEr in LAW.......... :blushing:

    lmaoooooo whaa?? indecent?? howw.?? im innocentt.. :bigeyes:

    mmmmmmmmmm dont want emulator........ ahhahh........... i rather spamming at your wall or other...
    I love mystery.. I love anything that can get me excited. xD

    Wow, they're that popular? I might actually watch one of those..xD I just looked one up..and...I gotta say, it's interesting~~~

    Yes..:S But I don't think that's a problem for me..:D I don't really mind.
    Btw, do you like medical movies/series? Like ER, Grey's Anatomy..

    Actually, it's been long since I last watched a horror movie. I think I should update myself..:sigh:

    I find those bugs and insects extremely disgusting and I don't even think twice about changing the channel whenever I find one of those movies.. I don't even consider that to be's just something made to disgust viewers to the point of being scared. XD
    ohaoooo............ yeah... Mir... very hot loli.... :blushing: muhuhu

    NUOOOOOOO..... damnnnnn youu portablee... pspppp....... Curseeeeeeee..... :enraged:

    stuck because the disc.. HAng... ahhhaha. dunno maybe the optic is weak... need suplemets like viagra.. eh... :blushing:

    lolol... loli... and now you have become adullt.?? :fullblush:

    ahahha.. yae.. that MOM... like mother in law.. very evilll... maybe like you too chiru.. :rant:

    I do read smut manga, and it's called smut for a reason. It doesn't usually happen in real life.
    lol but that's new to me, about the bishie rape xD
    hello XD thank you ♥ \O/ me too ;u;d ♥ /shot; its one of my favourite characters :'3
    i love your one too XD its all girly and frilly (though i cant exactly see it clearly OTL)
    its nice to meet you too :3
    LOL what? Rape can be consensual? Since when?:lol:
    ahahhhha.... which way ya...... you can pick whick wayy... hahaha

    yessss,,,,,,,, when ii know i can pick shurelia ending i imediattely change ttt... :rant: shurelia ftwwww... she socutee... with silver hair... aww... i want spoil her so muchhhhhh.... :blushing:

    ahh.,, portable one..?? i play at ps2.... :XD: sooooo cant do that.... mitsuuruuuuuuuuuu,. nuooooooooooooo,.,,,,,,,,,,

    you know... i really want to finish the ffix.... in reality.. but my ps says NOO... its stuckk on disc 2... when at freya house.. there's storm right.?? i stuck in there... i even change disc.. but still stuck.. so i give up... :rant:

    ONGGG,,,,, :ohnoes: change with kage bunshin and kiss ciuuu,,, :runhappy: yayy... gott the cheeks... :blushing:

    probably ya... but arc in kou empire will be long... long...... :sleepmoon:
    lol I think we reached the end of gore hentai topic. In fact here is my opinion
    ahaahahaha.... :shockmenft: ahhh.. if you like have ability/testing your spirit power i do have the way... want it..?? :XD:
    ahahaah// glad i dont into photo much thennn...

    owowowow.... better not recall it... :XD:

    yea... persona 3... i love the senpai there.... mizusu..??? i fell in love in chara like tat.. and the most sucks on persona is just 1 ending... but they add love sim in the story.. its very suck.. oh God... i hate that,, so i prefer artonelicoo... and mishaa.. :shockmenft; the most sexiest chara in artonelico.. and cutee... i regret chooseing aurica back then... T___T dont know misha will have adult body like that.. eh.. :blushing:

    ffix ya.?? monkey zidanee.?? i dont like it too... ahahah.. gomenasai...

    me..?? from skyy.. :runhappy: hahaah hbu ??

    waa.. thats preety hard kiss.... :shockmenft:

    ahaha yea.. that parttt.. and his expresion looking cool but in the end he stupidd.. ahaaha...
    mmmm.. in snk.. mikasa is the best.... ahahah
    Whaaaaat!? I did not want to know that?!?!:barfing::forsaken:
    As for art style I love it in Kaibutsu Ojou. Simple characters with sharp edges and lots of black.
    hahahha... of course... i have watch that good movie.. :XD:
    yeaahh... its preety creepy too.. the ending... :ohnoes:
    but thailand horror now.. is weird.. too much effect somehow.. and hard to obtain it here..

    ahhh... i dont want remember it again... enoughhhh... NUUUUUUUuuuuuuuu...... :scared:

    ehhhh.... kill ?? you mean kiss??? :fullblush:

    yes.. i play persona 3... but not after the ending... kosmos route i dont play it.. persona 4.. i very like it.. have end all the ending.. and i love riise there... :XD: nyahhahaha..... FF.... i just play ff 8 and X... other than that.. stop playing it.. ar tonelico 2 is the best............. :runhappy:

    SNK..?? yea... anime is good.. but sadly there was a high chance there will be no 2nd season... ahahaaha...
    ahahah.. i see your post... its veryy funny after that war arc... 3 chapter talking about alibaba GF... ahahaha. his expresiion is veryy funny... ahahaha

    hoooooo you should read it.. and it will make you laugh till cryy... aahahah
    lolol..... hbuu ???? mmmmm...... kawai girll..?? or yandeere..?? :XD:

    yeahh.... *highfiveee...

    i like it... its like that the good movie in this years.... lmaooo.. horror movie... soo which one you recomend for the scaryy... if thats not scaryy.. :desire:
    i dont watch insidous 2... actually my friend mostly have watch except me... THEY LEAVE ME.. :shockmenft: ahhaha..
    yeaa.,,, ju-on jap vers... when AAAaaa... AAAA..... thats the creepiest.... (imagine i do that in your ears... ) :fullblush:

    game i like atlus one in ps2... mana khemia. artonelico, atelier iris, anime... mostly follow almost all.... free,gintama,kyokai no kanata,aaaa manyyy.... lazy to wrote... manga.. kuroko no basket,magi, oh yea... ttry read wagatsuma no ore no yome.. its cool.. nyahhahah

    now your turnn.. :desire:
    ahaha..... :XD: btw im preetehh boys.. not girlss.... :blushing:

    yup yup... yoroshiku~~~~~~~ :runhappy:

    nyhahha... its okyy... you can stalk himmm and torturehimm aLOTT.... :fullblush:

    ehhh really.??? stalking meee..?? we both have same hobbies than..?? :blushing:

    favorite ya..?mm last time i watch is conjuring... its gooddd isn't..?
    my legendary horror is Ju-ON Jap vers...
    thats make me SCREAAAMM when wqatch it.. ahahaha
    hello chiru...nice to meet you:> you're indonesian too...that's great^^..yoroshiku ne:)
    Don't read Mahou Shoujo of the End. There is so many good horror manga like Ibitsu, it will ruin your image of mahou shoujo in general. I can't even look Madoka Magica in the eye anymore :'(

    Sorry, I tried to read I am Hero but it didn't really suck me in the story, so I dropped it somewhere around chapter 40. The artwork bothered me too.

    Gore hentai? Why would anyone watch that!?:wtf:And who would make it???:reallyconfused::reallyconfused:
    Have you read Monster? Some friends recommended it so I was thinking of reading it. They say it's great.

    I bought it a long time ago (the year of its release) but I didn't complete it. I think I got busy and then forgot about it.. My brother played it more than I did! I didn't finish it but I liked it~ The first thing that caught my eye was its name, of course..:D
    Ok~ I don't mind reading manga~
    Hmm, I see..xD

    It is disturbing xD.. Didn't say I won't try it, though!

    Wow, you are obsessed! XD Enjoy~

    I'm okay with blood.. It's what they do to spill blood that disgusts me..xD I was never good with horror when I was younger.. Not that I watch it a lot these days either. :/ (I think it's interesting though) I just love blood..xD
    *Yay for Iron Maiden*

    gtg now - talk to you later~
    Oh! Right! I can't believe I forgot about him. I don't know of the manga, though.

    Oh..xD Ok, I'll check it out, then! It's been a very long time since I last watched a playthrough video on Youtube.. Last one was for Alice: Madness Returns.. XD I ended up buying it.

    I've heard a lot about this game...Not even one good review...:sigh: Why are they doing this to us..It's not scary at all..
    Ghost Hunt! One of hundreds of anime on my list..

    I see. Thank you! (High School of the Dead XD A friend actually recommended that to me.. Anyway I think I'll get to it later.. Too many things on my list.)

    Now that I've looked up Junji Itou..His works are too creepy! Wow! I don't know if I can read something like that comfortably..xD

    Well, at least she didn't do that all the time..

    Everybody has their own interests, I guess~ And psycho's not bad~ :D
    :lol: Couldn't agree more, neesama!
    Psychopaths? Like who?~
    Amnesia has horror elements??! I didn't know that! :shopping: But I don't think 'horror' in anime or otome games is really scary, right?

    I do like reading manga, so please go ahead! :3

    Oh I wish she only hid her face in me.. She grabbed my arm too! She didn't scream but she kept calling me and telling me 'It's scary! Oh no he won't Noo! No!' And the likes..xD

    Really? Aw and there I thought that I was gonna watch something really scary..:sigh: But I also like detective stories, so it's ok~

    XD You're much eviller than Sam~~~ I'm glad we're allies!
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