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  • Hi Hi,.......... thats mee.. :blushing: ahahaha.... mmmmmmmmm......... dare dake...?? ahaha ij ust browsing internet.. and found itt... :XD:
    you like it..???

    nopee.. no problemm... i like random people.. and i just stalk you in lpw... :blushing: (OMG i reveal my self)
    nice to meet you too Chiruu... Welcome to the comunity....
    btw.. i like horror movie too... :XD:
    oyasumi~~~ :sleepmoon:
    Well, not really..I guess there's, like, one or two..xD But blood in general excites me. :3
    Taihen desu ne... But at least you play otome games~ ;)

    Really? :desire: I loved that anime! I'm planning on continuing the story in the manga, but the art there isn't really that..attractive. xD The art and animation in the anime was great,though.
    I had a friend that used to watch horror movies with me even though she got pretty scared of them.. Every time we went to the movies she sat beside me and hid her face in me :XD:

    Many friends told me I should watch that.. I think I will someday.

    Lol!! So bloody, I like it!
    You know, maybe if the story was better, I'd have liked Saw.. But neither the plot nor the 'scenes' xD had me interested..
    Chiru! Hi! :3

    XD Of course I love blood. I believe I showed my love for blood in that thread.XD

    I think horror movies are interesting, but I like to stay away from over-disgusting ones..(like Saw xD)

    I'm more into animated blood xD Bloody anime, I mean. :D
    I mean the eng ver RPG for PSP. I only managed to get Suikoden, Fate, Harvest Moon. I'm looking for FF, Valkyrie Profile, Parasite Eve, Dissidia, etc. I found the jap ver, but I want the eng ver. Even though I found the site, sometimes the links are dead.

    So we are Naoya's fans! Hahaha.... But I'm glad that we can get Gin though, he's a great character. And who's the gigolo anyway? For Devil Survivor 2, I don't want to play Ronaldo's end since Yamato dies there =_= And I hate Daichi and Io, but we could get all characters, so I'm being patient.

    Well, I don't find Atelier series in eng though. I only found Atelier Annie for DS. It's cute, but stressful for mixing materials. I love gathering and battle, but not mixing =_=
    Rhapsody! You played it too? We really have the same hobbies! ^O^ It's cute and I love the songs. I got a lot of dolls for my party and somehow managed to finish the dolls' sub quests. I didn't know how though. I just wandered around.
    I LOVE FF Tactics too!! But I'm so sad that they said FFT is bad for storyline and the gameplay is too much different from FF. Just shut up! It's fresh and addicting! I love how I could change classes, getting party members. Too much party members, forced me to ditch lots of mercenaries. Who do you like? I love Agrias and Mustadio! ^^ Mustadio is fast and efficient, and I'm glad he became Ramza's best friend. Oh, did you get Cloud? I tried to finish all the sub quests, but I couldn't get the Zodiac Stones or secret places T__T It's hard!

    Ah, lucky you! I can't buy the ori even though I went to Japan >_< I'd rather buy accessories or go to butler cafe. Hahaha..... Oh, I actually wanted to go to adult corner though. Nyahahahaha.....but I'm afraid that those guys will stare at me. Hul....
    Well, I will go to Japan again and next time I will enjoy myself to the fullest! Maybe rent a host? Ahahahaha......
    Oooh, I just noticed, you said you love do-S, so that makes you a do-M? :shocked::whipmaster:

    My first manga was High School of the Dead and I loved it, but ever since I read Mahou Shoujo of the End some
    time ago I started to be very careful before reading gore and horror manga. There isn't many stuff that can gross
    me out (I cleared two games in the Corpse Party series without flinching) but that was one of them.
    Ah. One would think you can just say S. Why can't you play Agito? You don't have a PSP?

    lol I also avoid harem but only because there is never a solid ending and because the male lead is a dumbass, while the female lead is a tsundere. It makes me mad. Really mad. I want them both dead.
    I also dislike BL (I'm male), shoujo, or any poorly made romance story that has no major drama or action in it, anything else goes.

    My favorite would be Fairy Tail and Beelzebub, I can no longer keep a list there's too many of them xD
    My favorite RPG-s?
    Hmmmmm... I'd say: for DS Devil Survivor 1&2, for 3DS Fire Emblem - Awakening (I can't wait 'till Bravely Default comes out), for PS2 Persona 4, for Gameboy Pokemon Yellow, for PSP Final Fantasy Type-0 (it was called Agito before) for PS3 I guess Final Fantasy XIII (all parts). I know it's a lot don't judge me...
    Also the meaning of the "do-S one" confuses me.:reallyconfused:
    Do you have a favorite manga?
    I played Ar Tonelico 1, but stopped in in the beginning. I forgot what the reason. But the next series became more and more sexual. I mean, I'm a girl, it's not nice to see naked girls everywhere, but I like the first one though.
    Yes, I will play Persona 3-4! But, where can I download RPG for free?
    Hul...Assassin's Creed is not RPG though. It's adventure & stealth game.

    Cih, I don't why we can't get Haru, or the reporter woman on Devil Survivor. I even curious about the gigolo ^^; We only got Mari and Kaido IF we choose Naoya's end. But I prefer Naoya since he's strong rather than keep Yuusuke and Midori.

    I like Atelier too, but it's stressful since they don't translate it into eng, so it's hard to understand T__T I don't play BoF and Legend of Mana. I was too late at playing Mana or Xenogears. It was before I finally got ps1, while my friends already finished playing. Mana and Xenogears were the top list for best old RPG. There were also Romancing Saga, Saga Frontier, Brigandine, Hoshigami, Wild Arms, etc. I'm not really good at playing war tactics like Brigandine though =_= and I'm so mad for translations of Tales series >_<

    How did you manage to download lovesims then? Mine is slow too, and sometimes it just doesn't connect, but when it's good, the speed is great.
    You're new here? Really?
    Before I joined, I always check this forum and I found Hoshi no Oujo and other otoge so I downloaded them with ease. Then since I downloaded too many, I decided to join this forum, also because the rules changed into hidden content. Now it's become complicated since there is thief. Damn that thief!
    Anyway, you better download Hoshi no Oujo fast before the links dead. But I recommend you not to play Hoshi no Oujo 3 and Koi no Patissier since they are bad, unlike the 1st and 2nd. HnO 1 and 2 are Mirai's best games, but seems like Mirai has forgot how to create stories and chose to swim at pure ero/rape T__T
    But I'm awkward in real life too? I don't really care though because
    As for my otakuism I cleared both Persona 2s, Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 and a bunch of other SMT games... I like manga better than anime but just manga sometimes isn't enough xD
    As for anime I'm very picky.
    Also no tsundere (a few exceptions) :)
    LOL why is it awkward
    We can :D
    Me too! I don't have ps3, vita, xbox, wii, 3DS. I only have ps1, ps2, DS, psp. I had SEGA too, but I think my mom threw it (ノω・、)
    I never played Persona, since I don't like the 1st and 2nd game artworks, but I know it's a great series. Anyway, I want to play the 3rd and 4th soooo much!

    Even though I haven't play Persona, but I LOVE Devil Survivor!!! (^ε^)♪ I love the 1st one better though. The characters are awesome (but I wanna kill Midori & Yuusuke!!!), I especially love MC-Atsuro-Naoya. Too bad we can't play Haru ( ´(ェ)`) Too many charactes we can't get, but more endings. The 2nd one has more characters, but more annoying too. I hate Io, Daichi and Ronaldo! (`(エ)´)ノ_彡 Of course, my fave is Yamato! (Junichi-sama!!) Did you watch the anime? OMG, I HATE the anime! I regret for watching that!

    I don't play RPG on PC since it's no fun. Different feelings. Hey, do you know where I can download RPG games in eng for free and easy?

    My fave RPG are Suikoden! ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ FF, Harvest Moon, Valkyrie Profile, Parasite Eve, Rune Factory, Luminous Arc, Grownlanser, Arc the Lad, etc. I love old RPG, they are awesome!

    Hoshi no Oujo? OMG, you can download ALL series on Hentai sub-folder inside Otome section! I've downloaded them all except Hoshi no Oujo 3 because they said it's no good. And I don't like the CG either. I have the CG pack, so I know.
    A galaxy far far away~ :runhappy: *trips and rolls a couple times, gets up like nothing had happened and continues~* :runhappy:
    There's no restriction but you should ask the uploader whether they would let you to compose the list linking to their thread. I don't think they would deny anyhow.

    There are no rules in regard of making an index as long as you keep it organized and clean. We will stick your thread. For example, in the anime section: and

    You don't have to follow it but it would give you some idea how to make a great index, I think.

    Finally, to be able to post in the Downloads section, you are going to need to apply to be an Uploader. Here in this case, you just have to head over the Staff Application Forum, make a thread, give a short introduction of yourself and tell us what do you want to do and you should be all green, I'll take care of your application.
    Well, good luck! I'm sure you can find it. Be warn, the stat-rising and the story are quite tedious. For a year, I manage to play them for 6-8 hours. So basically, 10-15 min spent for a month in the game.
    That will cost you a lot of fortune time. But the system grew on me after my first complete path/ending.
    I was hoping to play it for free. Do you apply for beta-testers position?
    Haha, me too? Or is it? Let just assume it is. I'm a fan of RPG too, though a picky one. Now, hardly picking RPG anymore.
    I done my research on otoge afterwards.
    Yes. Lucky Rabbit Reflex, check it out. Its awesomely written and packed of action? Yea, I think so! Commercial, & you play for the last year in a new high school.
    One more released last year is Heartstring Bugs. A freebie. Kinda like TMGS, with the main theme of heartstring bugs. You'll know it when you google them. Play straight 3 years, & its long, but rewarding.
    Backstage pass is pretty cool. I even apply to beta-tested it. But yea, no notice.
    Let's see. .I can say nothing beats japanese otoge.
    However my first otoge is in English, a good one in fact. Based on TMGS series.
    I got seriously addicted, after my friend introduce it to me and after I cleared all path xD
    So, it's superb for me. But for you, I'm not sure. It depends on your standard anyway :P
    I can't commit to any long otoge, so none at the moment sadly TT_TT.
    The latest, was it Magical Horse? Or Nicole? But I'm still not finish yet :sowwy:
    I have a compulsive habit to finish the things I have started especially if I'm interested, as sam said in this VM.
    Hello, nice to meet you too~ Yes, I love otoge, but I LOVE RPG more ^O^ If you talk to me about RPG, there's no end to it ^^v
    If we talk about otoge, I'm afraid that my type and your type are different. I don't want to argue >_<
    Anyway, I played several otoge since last year, and only 1 that get an 8 from me. The others are just trash. Well, that's because I played the "below average" games first. I will play Hoshi no Oujo series last since they are the best otoge (based on the reviews). For lovesims, I love games from Konami and Koei the most. I like games from Takuyo too~ Simple, but great stories. Quinrose is also fun, but not the FD.

    How about you?
    Thank you for the friend request! Hope to get along well~
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