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  • Hello, Mimi. Thank you for your message in the thread of "first complex". You wrote your special study was "electronics". It may be difficult theme of study. Sounds you are very clever person. Good day. (Well, do you know "Conversation function". Usually, members do not write reply in their own VM page. Reply is written in other person's VM page. anyway). Regards, mrd.
    Ah, finally. . a bit of air to breathe in. I apologize to all people that I unintentionally ignored during my long absents, which is roughly a month (?)
    I, am in a deep mess, I must admit, I won't blame others if someone left me anyway. Saying this things feels like I am giving excuses, I'm sorry.
    There goes flying my family problems and my personal problems comes up surfacing uncontrollably.
    I want to say thank you to you all, involved directly or not, you'll always craved in my heart, AS. Thank you for your concerns.
    So, this is a temporary goodbye, everyone. Hah, my deep self come out raging from suppressing so long. I need to cope with everything harder than before.
    Therefore, I'm taking a break virtually, but in reality, I'm fighting my own fears now. Send me lucks, since I'm a walking disaster.
    Oh, yea, any VM is welcome, but I can't reply. Thank you for reading and your time.
    Yes!!! They are the best at story. Graphic is alright for me.
    Cheats, hmm? Sometimes, I used them, sometimes not.
    Hey, I used the basic ones like you too.

    That's the good thing of having a short game, though I always want more.
    All things have been ported either to 3DS/PSVita, sadly.
    Oh yea. I think I might be busy to drop-by to login to AS.
    Got a busy schedule.
    It has been fun talking to you. Thanks for dropping bye.
    ...I might take back my words back though. Its just a possibility.
    Sorry for yesterday, internet has been off, and I gone for a breather with my family.
    Hehe, I'm sorry~Been sick for 3 weeks kinda sucks. Thanks for your concern!
    Ported version? Sounds good. Jap/not as long as it battles, I think I could bear it.
    Yes, you are absolutely right. FF attraction pretty much 3D. Makes me feel in love. But I remember playing the old FF 1/3 on PSX.
    It was horrible, the quality. Its 8-bit. But I'm still interested. The only thing that make up is the plot. Though I haven't finish that game yet. . . And the games gone too.
    Oh. I'm afraid I'll turn up the volume too much and don't notice someones creeps on me. That would be worse!
    I want Meine Liebe too! I was so frantic actually, to know the origin was from the game after accidentally stumble into otoge.
    Ugh...I'm afraid of playing Fatal Frame! I can't play myself >_< Siren is actually WAY MORE scarier than Fatal Frame! It is based on Jap's legend, a secluded area in Japan, ghost village, about Gods, well what can you expect from a secluded old fashioned village? >_< There are a lot of great and scarier horror games, but don't expect the graphic quality. Because they focused on stories and puzzles.

    I always use cheat for some impossible games, like Harvest Moon, FF Tactics series, Luminous Arc, and if I could, horror games too. Well basically, I usually cheat on money, equipment/items, exp, between these 3, for horror, hmmm.....I want to cheat for HP or weapons, but I gave up and just play without cheat. So that means, I only cheat on RPG O_O Harvest Moon is almost impossible to clear without cheat money. For Suikoden, actually you can finish the games easily since the games focused on system and characters, the battle is easy and easy to get money too. I used cheat though when I had the disc, but then my ps1 couldn't read the cheat disc again T^T

    Yes, those cosmetic/fashion games are cute and easy. You can finish them quick, and the sizes are small too. It's so much fun make over someone~ DS games are rare now, they all go to 3DS. Hiks....
    Hul, I was thinking where are you~ Are you okay?

    If you haven't played Suikoden, Konami released the package for PSP! So Suikoden I and Suikoden II in 1 package, however they are on jap.... So bear with it =_= However, you WON'T be disappointed! Suikoden might not have the 3D quality like FFVII and FFVIII on their era, but the stories are much better than FF! Believe me! FFVII and FFVIII won just because they used 3D, which was rare for psx era.
    Getting 108 characters, 3 types of battle system (map battle, war battle, one-one-one battle), rune (name of special magic, just like materia on FFVII, it's attachable), horrible destiny, betrayal and death. A lot of characters died here T__T AND if you don't get ALL 108 characters, or your character(s) died on war battle, you WON'T get best end. Be careful. Check your allies on warrior stone tablet to see if you don't miss anyone. A lot of them are hiding somewhere, so be sure to check the guide.

    Ahahaha.....no honey. I didn't mean you play ps2 with earphone. You said that you're afraid your mom will hear when you play otoge on pc. So why don't you wear earphone? No one will hear the sounds.
    I know the psp emu is JPSCP or something, but I don't know about ps2 emu. Gosh, I really want to play Growlanser for ps2! And Meine Liebe too!
    Having the same age neighbors are lucky. Then my cousin bought a ps and I played a lot since I often went to her house. My mom bought me ps1 when I was 13-14. And that's when I fell in love with RPG. Because my oniisan (a classmate guy whose 1 year older than me, and I asked him to be my big bro) thought me about RPG. That time was the era of FFVII-FFVIII and Suikoden. Though FF is cool, but Suikoden was the one which made me RPG lover ^^v Love the stories and characters~ Simple and touching. We often played together on oniisan's house with my other guy friends while I was the only girl there.

    Why you don't play with earphone? Do you know emu for ps2? I want to play some super old ps2 games. I can't find them till now.

    When playing survival horror, I either become the player, read the guide, or scream. Hahahaha...... Especially when playing Fatal Frame and Siren. Hul.... >_< HELP! Did you often pull the joystick and jump when you play games since you're absorbed to it? ^^ Just thinking of it so funny!
    I love RE, Silent Hill, and others, but can't stand play them alone >_< I don't have ps3 so I don't play RE5 & RE6. I'm a slow gamer, so I'm not fit into playing action horror like that T__T So I die fast.

    There are some cute and fun fashion games. I love Cosmetic Paradise and FabStyle for DS. We can get the boys too~ The artworks are pretty and not too kiddish. Love 'em!
    Sorry, I didn't see your message until one month later D: [You can see that I'm not a regular forum poster, here on AS o 3o]
    But thank you!
    Ahaha....maybe you've seen my pic somewhere ^^ But since the game is so unknown, no one knows. It's hard to find the CG too, so I have to rip using emu T__T I always grateful for the person who save game CG patiently and share them.

    Playing RPG or adventure with emu is hard because it needs fast reaction, speed loading, plus music. Since emu doesn't have the appropriate spec, the game becomes slow T__T

    I don't have father, brothers or sisters, but thankfully, I had neighbors who were also gamers and went to the same school with me. So I played a lot with them. The first game I tried was Sonic in Sega. Hahaha....Oh, I also had Sailor Moon too!
    Then on junior high, my classmates were real gamers. I used to go to their houses to play PS ^O^ That was the first time I fell in love with RPG. Though I love Final Fantasy, but the one I love the most is Suikoden! Thank you for telling me about Suikoden, my bro! Hahaha....
    Other than RPG, I actually love survival horror such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Clock Tower, Alone in the Dark.... But you know what, I always SCREAM if I play it =_= I always play with guide, so I always paused the game to read the next action. When I got scared, I turned off my PS. Hahahaa.....
    I'm not really good at doing combo in fighting, but I do like fighting & racing. Oh, I just remembered I played fishing games too and got a lot of records O_O Also fashion games are fun too!

    Mobage? Hmm....I downloaded some, but deleted some too. The stories are just typical and cliche romance. I hate them. So I only have RPG mobage.
    Just ignore those yaoi fans =_= Because I ignored the yaoi fans, I could enjoy the anime ^^ Oh, so you like majime cool type?
    Ah, the game is for GBA? I thought you played the games. I really want to play at least one T__T Hegh...playing with emu is somewhat mendoukusai. Play VN is one thing, but play survival horror or RPG is other thing.
    One thing that I'm glad, seems like no one knows about Yuuki, the guy in my profile pic ^^ I can monopolize him forever! Hahahaha.....
    Anyway, other than otoge and lovesims, do you like any other genre?
    Wow, you actually know that title! ^^ Anyway, I watched the 2 anime series and read the manga, but I think anime is better since there is no heroine there, pure story about friendship. I love Edward the most! Hahahaha.....he's my ideal guy, and thankfully, he's always around and the 2nd season he became the main focus. Love his friendship with Orphe, but I'm not a yaoi fan.
    Hey, where did you play the game? I can't find it T__T Is that for PC?
    Thank you for accepting! You can call me Naru. Meine means "my/mine" in Germany ^^ So meine_YUUKI means "My Yuuki". I get inspiration from anime Meine Liebe ^O^ Yuuki is a character from a lovesims. I just love him more than any other.
    Rawrrrrr~ /me runs off~ :runhappy:

    Its about the simplest trap ever? xD

    Hmm... water and dirt usually... or at least in my mind... and dirt is smaller than sand? Idk..~ Water and sand it quicksand imo..~

    Lol were confusing each other xD

    Goodnightys~ I should probably sleep too... xD
    /me goes cover mimiz's eyes =w=

    They were just boxes though... xD

    Mud usually involves finer particles doesnt it?~

    Ehh... werent you trying to make me do roundhouse and flying kicks? xD

    /me gets a fan and fans mimiz for a while...~
    Cheap tricks D: And when were we dealing with love and war D:

    I thought mines go boom? xD

    Quick sand man maybe?~

    Hmm... entry move while they dont notice? xD

    But sandman took it all? D:
    Nuu its not all fair D: :runaway:

    Ok... O.o But it dun go boom?

    But sand sucks up water since its quite dry? xD

    Fancy wont work well in fights usually... xD

    Ok... xD /me goes sneaks foods~
    Nuu D: No fair covering my eyes D:

    Nah its just the box thingy where you pull away the stick and the box falls on them and they get to stare at darkness/whatever holes there might be xD

    Water man... @_@ Whaaaa?

    Lol more fancy than for practical use xD

    /me puts on nice mellow background music~ :runhappy:
    Lol serious people making odd faces xD Really would creep some people out a lot ;p

    Land mine? :o Wheres? O.o

    You have an oasis in your home :shocked:

    Except it wouldnt work as well if someone grabbed you leg... being in the air doesnt give you many options after that ;p

    Hmmm..... /me goes hides?
    Heartstring Bugs looks pretty good... I'm going to search for it :runhappy:
    Yeah, backstage pass is stucked somehow they haven't post any update about it...
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