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  • I got a free bag, t-shirt, plushy, and a few games.

    Nintendo said they don't really like releasing all their games in Europe because of all the different languages and cultures, but Sony and Microsoft don't have that problem, so I think Nintendo is just being lazy.
    How do you hatch a egg in Pokémon? This is the first time I ever breed a Pokémon (breeding Froakie for a friend) so I have no idea what I'm supposed to do to get the egg to hatch? Just run around in circles?
    Yeah, I'm pre-ordereding from GameStop so I am getting Oracle of Seasons for free. I think it's a pretty good deal.

    Do you have Club Nintendo? I got a free copy of Links Awakening DX, and A Link to The Past from Club Nintendo. You get points by registering your Nintendo games and consoles. Club Nintendo U.S. is different from Club Nintendo Europe so they have different gifts. I also got a free Pokémon Froakie plushy from Club Nintendo, but gave it to my little niece. They are constantly switching out the gifts they have to offer.

    I don't know about Europe, but depending where you pre-order the game in the U.S. you get either a free digital copy of Oracle of Ages, or Oracle of Seasons, so maybe Europe has a similar promotion.
    so I heard from shiki that you were pro and stuff. copypasta cuz /lazy

    I didn't know gwee was so pro! I want a master to train me huhuhue. Uhh, honestly I'm kind of a noob. I'm not sure what you (Ahgwee?) meant by execution heavy, but I suck at pulling off long combos or overly complicated mechanics. All dem gauges and perfect 1ko combos confuse meeeee. So stuff like MvC is a big nono for me. Also I guess I like slower fighters? I dunno rlly. I guess I'll just try out BB since it's on PC /lazy. Any characters you recommend? I usually like beat down fighters so I can zerg their face or power hitters so I can golf them around.
    Ahhhh thank you so much, i didn't even visit the forums on my bday lol

    Also seeing ilya like that, what an excellent bday surprise <3<3
    hello! uhm i'd just like to thank you for congratulating me XD it didn't feel right if i were not to reply :'3
    yeah the 3D hurts my eyes after a while also, did you see those new 2DS systems? Resident Evil Revelations also makes very good use of the 3D effect.
    I'm on the 4th case, but I haven't been playing for a while since Pokemon's keeping me distracted. I like it, but I still prefer the first one since I felt that the theme was much darker, and I preferred the music as well. Phoenix Wright 5 makes good use of the 3D which I love using except my eyes start hurting when I do for just 5 minutes...
    Yeah that is true, Nintendo is always behind Sony and Microsoft with it comes to online games. When is the release date for the game? How do you like Phoenix Wright 5?
    I was wondering why I didn't get a notification for this message, but it looks you wrote on your own page that's why LOL, I do that a lot myself. Yeah I think the 3DS version might have some lag for online play, if it doesn't support cross platform play I might get both version also. I saw they added Marth as a character :samuraihero:
    I think it has cross platform support so you might be able to. I just hope that the 3ds version doesn't have frame lag. The WiiU version is more appealing to my eyes.
    If I get the Wii U version, can I battle against you if you have the 3DS version?
    Are you getting the new smash brothers on the 3DS? I hope they also put Tiki from Fire Emblem Awakening in that game.
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