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  • HEART SCALEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.................. :ohnoes: i have use good rod for 20 times but not found luvdisc.. but when i use old rod he come... :shockmenft:
    hows the nature one..?? i hear when using destiny knot and everstone the nature and iv willl be same as parents.?? >,<
    >,< quayyy i need charizard for breeding it so can learn outrage... thats the point i want... >,<
    i have male charizard with adamant and likes to fight.... but its MALEE.... T___T but i dont have dragonite/ axew / dragon one yet.. as a father....
    Yeah i'm kinda iffy about that. :/ Will probably reset. :s
    And you know what i hate? How Absol can learn a lot of really good special attack moves.....when its damn Sp.A. stat isn't good. As if his speed wasn't bad enough. <_<Trollfreak
    Let me know whenever you start playing your PS3 again so we can play something on there sometime. I probably won't be on it for a while myself.
    Thanks for the Pokémon! I'm sure you already have the one I traded you though.
    Ohok. All these resets and the Yveltal always has 151 in Attack...What the hell...? Got a 140/130 one but 140 was too low for SpA. ;-;
    Yeah, are you on now? I need a good sky team cause I suck at sky battles. All I have is Pidgetto, and that lady bug Pokemon, can't remember it's name. Did you see me post about game saves being corrupted?
    I got one with 149 SpA/107 SPe. You think i should have kept it? xD I think the nature was +SP.Def but didn't know what was -.
    This is the Pokemon I'm getting at the event.

    Should be no problem, since I have around 190 bred/EV'd pokes :3
    But these are all from the DPPt/HeartGold Soulsilver era though. I wasn't into B/W so I hardly did something in those games =/
    AH..I see.
    Well I have boxes full of PokeRus infected pokes on my Diamond/HeartGold. I will happily spread the disease when the Pokemon Bank/Cloud thingy comes out :3

    Ok, just lemme know if you need something :3
    Okies, thx :3
    Then I'm done EV'ing Yveltal. The Super Training is quite handy and quite fun. But..for some reason I still prefer the wild pokemon battling way xD I can switch between them to mix things up :3

    Also, do you wanna trade sometime? I wanna collect some pokemon from my friends on ASF ^^
    Any pokemon (or one you like) will do and a nick is not necessary. If that's ok :3
    Gwee~! /me pokes

    Question! If I can't use a certain 'Training Bag' on a pokemon anymore, it means it has all the EV's in it right? :o
    Well I hope we can still be friends even though you thought I was someone else this whole time :D
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