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  • *Shock* Papa squishy: He has turned into a barbarian~
    Mama squishy: Seems we have enough proof now~ Call in the squishy army~
    Oh noes the end of squishy~ xD Such a horrible person ;p Now squishy shall attack you *Tosses squishy*
    Thank you for accepting.

    Hope to get along with you even further~

    Glad you liked the sweet treat... A smile suits you best~

    Until then, please take care~
    Hello there~

    Dropping by~

    Is it all right to be friends?... Cake?

    Nope... there is something that's already to late....
    I'm to late to log out... I'm addicted already.. hahaha... lol...
    Hi AhGwee! ヽ(^∀^)ノ

    Thanks for your opinions on the thread!
    I'm realy curious for all of your thoughts on living in Japan, and what you spoke about before was interesting, I definately appreciate you sharing your opinions (oゝv ・o)

    Anyways, hope we can be friends!!(。っ^V^)っ

    Aight, yo (●^∀^)ノ
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