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  • Hi, Keima. Unfortunately, I'll be taking a bit longer to finish the last part of the Blender guide.
    I'm being constantly scolded by my advisor for being late with other assignments, so I'm writing it quite slowly...
    - Sora to Kumo to Kimi no Koi
    - Touma Kojirou no Tantei File ~Opera Za no Kaijin Satsujin Jiken~
    - Dracu-Riot
    - Shiro Koki Kuro Koki ~Kuro Tights ni Semerareru ga Sore Gurai de wa Shiro Knee Socks o Akiramenai Ore~
    - Oshiete Ecchi Na Recipe -Anata to Watashi no Ama~i Seikatsu!-
    - D.C. III ~Da Capo III~ (still downloading)
    - Tsuyokiss 3gakki
    - Danzai no Maria -The Exorcism of Maria-
    - Seinarukana -The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2-
    - Little Witch Parfait
    - Vermilion - bind of blood -
    - Utawarerumono
    - Lovers ~恋に落ちたら…~
    - 君が呼ぶ、メギドの丘で
    - Kamidori alchemy meister (done)
    - Sokoku no arterial (done)

    I haven't heard about the rest.. so Sankyuu...
    Hmn... Never heard of those kinds of subject...
    But as long as you got good grades, I'm happy for you.. :D
    Wew... Exams huh? I just finish them few weeks ago...
    Now I'm compleatly free.. hahaha...

    What subject that you had for today's?
    ahaa yeps,keep up the good work im off to bed now.
    :hi:hi keima how's it going??im alright,how was your day??
    Yo... How's the Otoshigami doing?
    How much lose soul that you have captured? Hahaha..

    Just come by to say Hi.. ^_^

    Any way... Any one knows whan the third season of The World Only God Knnows will start airring?
    Hey, Keima! Thank you for the friend request! :)
    I was reading the guide again and trying to find errors... xD
    Does it cover your needs? If you have any questions, I might try to help you.
    Thank you for adding me as your friend Keima san~~ \(^O^)/

    Wanna some morning tea??

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