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  • こんばんは、社会復帰できました(・∀・)

    不健康ですねぇ(・ω・) だ、だがそれが良いと強がっておきましょう(っ´ω`c)
    transferred to jpn college just recently! still undecided on what the heck to do, 1more day before orientation starts.
    had trouble at airport (who doesnt)>the worst predicament now is that it takes at least an hour to get to the closest Animate T_T
    Hey ! I´m so sorry i could not be On earlier....so i wish you a happy new year now ! may it be a good year for you and your family ! Take Care ! :)
    Belated Happy New Year~ Sorry I was too busy with report recently that I completely forgot to reply~ Hope you have a great year 2016
    明けおめ! Happy new year!

    Are you looking forward to 2016? Since 2015 has been hectic for me, I'm hoping the new year's prospects are more hopeful! I'm currently fine,
    I saw your message, I got to enjoy my time in Japan though I had an infection on my stomach (forgot my first aid), but I found an international clinic in kyoto, so I had my first operation in japan,, haha! There wans't any anesthesia, but the service was good! Knife hurt tho. I'm currently in busy time, applying to transfer to a JPN college. US college life is miserable and overly stressful with the people interaction, so I'm hoping to get accepted and have that environment change I've wanted for a long time!


    I'm from Chicago so I love the Chicago Cubs, but they haven't won the championship in over 100 years :( yeah we need to do something about that goat lol. They have a very young team, and they picked up some good players recently especially Jayson Heyward.

    In football I like the Chicago Bears but they suck :(
    あけおめことよろ~ I wish you a happy new year and good luck, my friend. =)

    Happy New Year to you as well! It's 10:30 PM (22:30) December 31st in America :(

    Do you watch baseball? I hope Chicago Cubs win next year!
    Im so sorry !!! you made no mistake....it´s just me,i was troubled lately and felt alone,and you are very important to me ( i hope im still important to you after this...) .I do´t even know what to say now....please accept my apologize madoka-sama !

    Madoka-san !! cool to see you´re back ! don´t worry.I´m busy too with work,life...you know.Still try to keep up with the Spam Squad.Just wanted to know if you are ok.Nice to hear you will have more time from now on ! well yea the VW scandal is a big thing over here,huge impact on german car industry,stock market....My Car is ok,I have A 3 series Golf from 1997...i don´t even think they had these kind of smart computer software back then...now i don´t even care,i´ll drive it till its dead or i have some money for another one....anyway.Nice you´re back !!! take care ! :whistle:
    Madoka-san ! it´s benn a while ..... i miss you ! i mean i miss talkin to you...how are you ??? hope you´re fine.Im doin well...like im always tired,always in bad mood...thats me.Sorry i didn´t reply earlier.Maybe you don´t care.anyway...as mentioned before.hope you´re fine.hope we can get along well-take care buddy !
    Nah, the same is with me, I access ASF ocassionally rather than frequently now~ No worries, I don't mind, since I'm in about the same boat ^^' (not literally)
    Didn't realize it was yr b'day already! thanks for checking my posts from time to time, it really helps ^^' hap belated b'day! (thoI'mamonthlate) mine ws on june 14th so hapyp bday to me too I guess!? haha ^_^
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