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  • konban wa madoka-san ! i know what you mean....there are so many anime/vn´s/games on my to-do list.have just a laptop at disposal...so everything is related to games,movies and such is played and watched on it....that´s life.hope we can share some thoughts and suggestions about movies,games,vn,books...everything else we like in the future.another thing is...you really don´t have to use the -sama suffix ! one day maybe i deserve it...but the time is not now ! as always---thamk you so much for responding....hope you and the people you love are allright.love.Ken
    Thank you so much for caring !! ♥ i´ll try hard....fighto Ken ! :samuraihero: hope it is enough.But more i hope that you are allright ? and talking bout movies....rewatched Heartbreak Ridge last night.One of the first Movies directed by Clint Eastwood,He also played the main character...it´s from the 80´s but really great movie bout the marines/force recon .worth to give it a try...you can stream it via i-net,just try google...anyway.thank you you took the time to reply.greetings from Berlin. :korokke_fwiends:




    Madoka-san ! thank you for your reply.Im quite surprised you´ve mentioned Stalingrad and Das Boot ! both are great Movies.And to be honest i get quite used to see the "krauts" as evil nazi soldiers....so nice to see you watched and enjoyed those classics.Das Boot is well known but Stalingrad is not much known outside austria and Germany (i thought) so again...cool you know both.And you should really look forward to buy the Dvd of American Sniper.I really enjoyed it and as much i am against war...i hope you know what i mean.I also recomend you ( if you not have already seen it) Zero Dark Thirty and Act of Valor,both great movies (first a really authentic movie about the hunt for bin laden,and the second one a good movie about the seals,the characters in the movie are actually played by real seals)thank you you took the time to reply to the previous post...hope you´re allright.take care.Ken.

    konnichi wa madoka-san ! yea saw American Sniper yesterday.Great movie ! Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller were great.And Directed by Clint Eastwood so not much left to say...:D but be warned though the movie is very "american" .lot of patriotism and brutal at times....so if you´re not into movies like lone survivor,the hurt locker or Fury (another great movie ! highly recommended ) you will not enjoy.great score too.
    great game indeed ! as you mentioned ravens vs patriots is always exciting to watch....but man i really thought they can make it.stupid pats ! greetings from Berlin !
    Me being a moderator shouldn't make it less approachable xD I'm the Social Section Mod so I'm here to interact with the community whenever I can :P As for weather, it is actually pretty warm in England recently for a January, not quite sure why it is not as cold as previous years I've been living here.
    Ah fair enough! I'm from Hong Kong but I've lived in England for more than half my life so that's why I can confidently say that I can speak English reasonably well. There are a lot of oversea player playing KanColle, a lot of people I know and I find more and more westerner embracing the culture of anime/manga. I myself have always loved Anime/manga but it is nice to see other people are opening up to different culture. If you need any help with English, I'll do what I can to help! Maybe you can teach me some Japanese (I studied a semester of Japanese as optional as I want to live in Japan for a short while later in my life, so I guess you can say that just a start that I need so I can do some simple self study with the tools I was taught I guess)
    1st: G'morning/afternoon/evening (Dunno which time do you have) at you^_^!

    2nd: Don't worry ABC, I'm not the type where whom fast badly judges, if he/her what wrong made has... Where then be cool^_^!

    3rd: And again, don't worry about your English skills, because none of the world (Myself as well am' not the best at English or at other stuff...), okay? - Yours is so far enough/understandable...:goodtea:
    Happy New Year to you too~~ And I would be happy too~ :D
    Have a fun new year of excitement, squeals, and joy~
    Thank you and I am happy too, if we could stay good friends^^
    And Happy New Year!
    mid the chaos

    TL: Thank you, but so is it good... He was already old. He did finally the peace found...

    TL.: No~No~... Don't worry, it was no big deal...
    "May the year of 2013..."? Well, take it than New Year joke... Anyway, you as well...:goodtea:


    Wishing you a blessed and wonderful year ahead!

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