What are You Listening to right Now?


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Oct 16, 2010
Simply post the song you're listening to at the moment. Short descriptions of the music are welcome, but optional.

At the moment I'm listening to 島谷ひとみ - bella flor, which is nice J-Pop with a female lead (like it all should be).
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I used to ask people to make a image post to make it go slower :P
Spare comp, no custom skin lol


Shimotsuki Haruka - Arcadia. From Atelier Series Vocal Collection - Volkslied 3.
Nice vocals just like all her songs combined with nice tones just like all Atelier songs.
I've been hitting STEP UP 3 OST, got hooked up on it some days ago.

一番の宝物 (Original Version)! One of the most legendary song I think! <3 Angel Beats! <3 Girl DeMo <3
Haha yay finally someone to post something so I can actually do something instead of starting new threads xD

Currently listening to the new SRW OG Inspector's Opening, MAXON
O_O , wow.
Seishun Vibration from K-ON!! Akiyama Mio's 2nd Chara image song album~
Listening to "I Miss You Lia Solo" from Fortune Arterial OP Single ;D Lia :D
oh that 2nd track frm fortune arterial op. i like that a lot. Listening to jihad frm I've girls compilation 7
That song~
Listening to Special "ONE" from Railgun OVA ED Single by Elisa~
Yep, that song is beautiful! listening to Paradise Lost, - Ga Rei -Zero- OP by Minori Chihara

<3 Minori Chihara :D
mmm still rmb ga rei zero op very blood pumping song . Listening to Hiyoku no Ane - eufonius (yns op)
Listening to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star~

Almost spell little as litter...
& Minorin is really <3
Yeah that song is nice too!

Listening to Kimi Ga Iru Kara - FFXIII (was it a theme/insert/op/ed song? O_O)
I think it is a theme song, that game is bloody epic, Lightning <3

Listening to Solitude of Ocean's Depth (深海の孤独, Stellar's death theme) from Gundam Seed Destiny, Stellar T^T why do you have to die!
Blame Kira !

Listening to star gazer-fripside~
It wasn't really Kira's fault, I blame those who put those injection to her, poor Stellar buhu!!!!! Anyway, Field of Hope by Lacus Clyne <3
details over gsd sorta blur been so mani years edi

Listening to fortissmo the ultimate crisis - fripside

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