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  • Happy new year, Gdragonx!!!
    And a healthy and peaceful year for you and your family!!!

    プロファイルのDPは『Bloody Rondo』のLuna Freed Queenで、アバターは『超次元ゲームネプテューヌ』のPurple Heartで、署名は『君が呼ぶ、メギッドの丘で』の一人の女の子でございます。その名前は忘れてしまいましたけど

    Did you provide the EACs for the jobs you posted? If yes where? Don't forget to include the path if you have them on Finnel.
    [04:57] <~corocoro> btw, tell gd to avoid 「 and 」 in his releases
    [04:58] <~corocoro> they are non-unicode characters and can cause problems
    チェックするのは面倒 だからしなかった wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    しなかったかどうか 実はチェック してなかった (°∀°)
    もちろん同じじゃないよ。 [w_scan] はフォルダータイトル には必要けど、 スレッドタイトル には必要なし。
    どうして面倒なの? つまり同人は 他のものより 難しい?
    It should be:

    [ASL]_Mizutani Runa_-_Rewrite_OP_ED_-_Philosophyz_[FLAC]_[w_Scans]

    I'll escalate the issues to Zero now as it seems your format is totally out of chore
    やー竜ちゃん ちょっと言いたい ことあるけど。
    1.スレッドのタイトル にはファイルサイズ と [w_scan] 必要ない。
    2.コミケのリリース なら、タイトルの 後に付いて。例: [ASL] [yymmdd] Performer - Album Title (C69) 年月日は あってもなくてもいい。
    3.タッグ忘れないで! もちろんアーティスト の名前は必要。
    4.どうしてその Perfect Eastern Dream をリップしたのは 俺に伝えなかったのかよ もうー? そのアルバムには ナオの歌があるから、 ゼロがあんたに頼んでも 最初からこのオレの お願いなんだ -へ-
    OK, well I don't want to make a separate thread for this since it's already been posted so I'll just give you the links via PM if that's OK with you? Let me know and I'll send you em.
    Hmm I guess making it like this looks harder to read?

    My bad, nowadays I usually am too lazy to use MSN unless needed. If you need me on MSN just tell me~
    So actually you do have some free time everyday lol and now you're not even responding to me on the shoutbox -.-
    Of course, there's no rush or anything, there's no one demanding it anyways ^^
    Well, perhaps we should have a more thorough conversation about this on the weekend? Take your time and 'enjoy' schoolwork.
    I did study a bit about it, though I must admit I'm not the best student there is. Though to be honest I agree, the linguistical rules are a big turn-off to many, and may not be necessary. What I seek is just to explain the kinds of words and related stuff, though. As you can see, in my previous lesson, I was explaining everything from English perspective, not Japanese itself.

    Want to have a conversation through MSN sometimes to clarify it and then combine what we know together to construct a lesson?
    Hey Gd what do you think about having lessons concerning Japanese morphology? You know... stuff like 名詞, 連体詞, 感動詞, and the likes?
    I just realised you typed katagana instead of katakana and even mistook the kanji >_>
    It's katakana, not katagana lol. Corrected, anyways.
    lol nah, believe me, typing like that violates the rules of formal typing instead.

    Just type like usual - even using all lower cases with no capitals is better lol
    Hey dude, allow me to edit your threads for grammar corrections and whatnot, okay? ^^

    Oh, also, when typing, you shouldn't capitalise the starting letter of every word >_>

    So Instead Of Typing Like This, you should just type like this.
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