Just finished up the last episodes of Sailor Moon, season 5. The series finale episodes are truly powerful and intense; not the light heartedness some folks expect from Sailor Moon.
Finally watched some more anime the last few days.

Finished Kill la Kill today, and it is a pretty decent show. Way too much fanservice (of course you know that right away), but just the characters and action are worth watching for. Aside from that it has a great music score, and the animation is fantastic. The director really knows what he is doing with framing shots to make them interesting, and even in the parts where they are probably trying to save on the animation budget, there are all kinds of little tricks so that it doesn't look cheap. Really well done.

I found it really off putting that with a show that already went overboard in the nudity and suggestive themes department, that the main antagonist was so rapey. Some of the scenes with her were pretty much rape scenes. That's not cool, Studio Trigger. Rape isn't something you just throw around.

Also watched the first three movies of Kara no Kyoukai this evening. I think [MENTION=29193]nanashi1[/MENTION]; told me to watch these way back? They are decent so far; they have the psychological/supernatural thriller thing going on pretty well. I like some of the conversations and detective scenes the most so far. They are doing a good job of plotting out how we find more information about Shiki and others like her. The chronology of it also helps keep it interesting.
One thing I noted is while sometimes not a lot happens, and the self-contained plot for each film is a little shallow, (especially the 2nd so far) I haven't actually found myself getting bored for more than a scene or two, so they are doing a pretty good job of the pacing. I'll definitely watch the rest (and I have them all downloaded so probably soon at that :P).

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