The Second Thief Game~

this had become a chatting thread?

New here! And I like to know how to change starting thread title.
/me supeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer pokeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees [MENTION=8332]samyeung46[/MENTION]; to finish this game *
lol...still not finishedxD...

i bet the suspect is you!!!...[MENTION=28243]egozi44[/MENTION];!!!:lecture:
New here? How so? xD

Mehs.. Well i guess besides losing the list of items that the thief had and whatever random stuff... could probably type up something... xD When i get back home... Might be more balancing as well x3 Hmm... could also add new events~ :runhappy: But its almost end game anyway =w=
Hmm... well theres a certain thing that need to happen to end one way or the other... and that sort of also depends on luck...
Well... winner is the one who catches the thief? xD Though this is sort of just everyone vs thief...
Of course we or I know..... Just want to enjoy it more longer..... Now no more delay with this game.....

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Would you reupload the mexashare link part 7, please? That's the only broken one.

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Could you reup this?

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Is it possible to reupload the links for this game?