[LPW #128] Chika - Small But Dangerous!

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Morning people... Oh, we've an newbie... Welcome to our circle...:bored: {Azu-nyaa...:blushhappy:)
Hello Samy, and then have good time at your beloved activity...:bored:
Yo Rain!

And it's understandable, becauise at you should actually now night be, ~ 20:00~21:00...xD
Yeah, I see... I did you profile checked, that you're a teacher... - Well, this isn't a easy job/task...:goodtea:
Well I am not officially a teacher....
I just like to call myself one on what I know in poetry. : /

I learned a few things about it, from a woman I met a few years back
Ahaa... I see, the are you freelance artist/poet, doesn't sound bad that...xD

And which aftereffects of women at an mans create can, is awesome...:goodtea:
The feels of a gender togetherness in written arts
is something I'll never forget.
Wow, this was cool again: You're indeed a artist...xD

Edit: Am' OFF for few hours, where then... - We see us later, bye!
/me randomly appears out of nowhere throwing fireworks everywhere~
『Yo new person Rain~ Its Nagi from Seisai no Resonance VN. Kinda used her appearance for my character in a certain forum game so made a set of her.:goodtea:
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