Hi Guys XD

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Aug 14, 2012
I always see my friend KingArturia on this forum and finally decided to get my self registered :blushhappy: I like playing games, also like manga and anime. It is nice to meet you guys and we gonna have some great time. :runhappy:
Welcome to Anime Sharing, KingGilgamesh~!
Enjoy your stay and have fun.

Guh! Another king!
hi king-Gigamesh welcome to AS~

Nice to meet you~

drop by the spam/games section please

now have fun and enjoy this forum~
There can only be one King ¬_¬

Welcome anyway, see you around Gil ;)
hey and welcome to the forums

stay and spam some more

king seiba is saber pro

so who are you pro for XD
Welcome into the kingdome of (Samy) AS., KingGilgamesh!

Have here lot fun and search your chance.
Welcome to AS KingGilgamesh~

Another king~ The first thing i thought after seeing your name was if you had any relation to KingArturia~ Turns out you do~

When did AS become my kingdom? O.o Just the spams xD Btw drop by if you have time :3
welcome to AS forum KingGilgamesh...hmm..another king:gotidea:..please drop by spam section and

games section...enjoy your stay:thumbup:
Shall you two play a game of chess to see who's the real king?
Welp; Goodnight
Welcome to ASF KingGilgamesh
drop by games n spam section if you have a time
nice to meet you :3
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