Well the court took it down so it will be taken down again....I prefer Mediafire anyway.... Megaupload always botherd me >.< Ehh they will take it down again if he loves paying money so much O_O
I'm think that perhaps Megaupload comeback, but sure not in the old-version... Because it would then this-time in a another-version coming...
they will have a new policy for sure~ which means ppl won't be using it like they used to
Well the court took it down so it will be taken down again....
Don't be so sure about this. Simply look at many other filesharing sites which are still online. Also, I don't know if you knew the german site kino.to. This site was taken down too, but now it's online under the name of kinox.to again.
I prefer Mediafire anyway.... Megaupload always botherd me >.<
Yeah, I also prefer Mediafire for downloading as a free user, but Megaupload was also really good, and if you look at the current situation, almost no one uploads something on Mediafire and in the end you have to download from any other filehost (if there's no torrent available). Megaupload however was really popular among uploaders and you found nearly everything there ... and it had good conditions for free users too :)
they will have a new policy for sure~ which means ppl won't be using it like they used to
Think so too, but do you really think users read something like the conditions? In the end, it will be used for the "same thing" again I think ... and least, I hope so :D
Yes, I'm can good remember that on this site (Megaupload) I with 300-450 kb/s. download could... that was time:goodtea:
... But now...
Hmm maybe it will be back... maybe not... i doubt the music industry will like it if they go with their old plan where they pay the artists for the pirated material and give them a larger share of what their music earns unlike with the crappy contract the industry has ;p Megabox or whatnot was it?
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Hmm it was to be part of megaupload but for musicians and whatnot~ I forget the details... but it might have been one of the reasons why megaupload got killed~
even if they did have it their old way, they would be more strict with copyright an all. I think they'll probably offer a service that other file hosts don't offer, and give what lots of other ppl want. If they were doing it the old way, they wouldn't have as many investors.
I really hope MU comes back as it was really good with using download programs, even if u cant find free premium user (which with only a little google power u could). And as some said before, u could find anything on it.

But file-hosting sites are failing one by one, I saw they pressure Rapidshare, but I never really liked it so I dont really care about it
Indeed, online storage services are only getting worse and more restrictive. I don't think a new Megaupload will be any different...
This is a direct consequence of lobbying... As long as there's enough money on the table, those media companies will have their interests covered.
I would love to see that downloader back it was stuped was stoped in first place I think.
Because megaupload might get all the other idiot hosts to stop being wimps and give proper service?
Comeback of megaupload?
Couldn't care less. I have enough RG and TB for my life
[MENTION=38546]Xereon[/MENTION]; Rapidgator has orange theme too :D
Something about that quote makes me giddy with excitement... “They abused the wrong guy. I am going to turn this world upside down. Power to the people. Bye bye Echelon. Hello Freedom,” -Dotcom
I've heard that the whole reason for the site going down in the first place was pressure from Hollywood...big business.
For anyone who haven't heard about it, the new site is already online and it's called MEGA :)

Dotcom's trick: The files are being encoded during the upload, and only the uploader gets the key to decrypt them. So Dotcom doesn't know which files are stored on MEGA, and due to this, he can't be arrested, since he doesn't know if there are copyrighted materials on his filehost or not.

We will have to wait and see if we want to know more about it :D

If somebody uses MEGA already, please tell me a little bit about it :)

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